Like Nastya Net Worth: How Much 9-Years Old YouTuber Earn?

Like Nastya popular Russian social media starlet known for ‘Like Nastya‘ YouTube material. With 111M subscribers and over 9 billion views, her kid-friendly vlogging about toys, difficulties, and personal adventures has garnered attention.

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She appeared in Forbes Russia. Her rise to fame on YouTube has not only made her a well-known name in Russia, but she has also gained a significant international following. Her cute little personality has won viewers’ heart of all ages, making her videos a favorite among children and adults alike.

Like Nastya Net Worth

As per Forbes, Like Nastya has an estimated net worth is to be $28 million, as of 2023. Her most popular video on her channel is, “Nastya and papa sleeping at farm sheep Family fun trip” which has racked up 943 million, as of Dec 2023.

In 2016, she began her YouTube channel. With over 19 million subscribers, she has seen an increase in her YouTube following. Her success on YouTube has opened up doors to opportunities she never could have imagined, from brand collaborations to speaking out at industry events. As her subscriber count continues to grow, she has become a prominent figure.

Like Nastya Parents

Like Nastya’s father name is, Sergey and mother named, Anna. She has two pet dogs, Juju and Alia. Her real name is, Anastasia Radzinskaya. Her social media accounts are under her parents’ control. Irina Shayk is her aunt.

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Like Nastya In ‘Weird Waters’

Anastasia Radzinskaya, 9, known as “Like Nastya,” has moved to the big screen. Nastya will voice Jam, a precocious neon tetra, in the animated feature “Weird Waters,” where she must find her inner hero. Her first big-screen project.

Nastya’s parents launched the Like Nastya YouTube channel in 2016, which has since grown into a media firm with its own merchandise. Like Nastya has over 400 million followers on 21 YouTube channels in multiple languages.

Like Nastya programming is available on many streaming platforms and TV stations globally. Her videos include friendship, school and family relationships, creativity, and imagination.

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