Is Lauren Baxley Related With Deshaun Watson?

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Lauren Baxley, one of Deshaun Watson’s accusers, identified herself as such when she spoke to the media. Another accuser was introduced by her attorney’s office and read her statement after Ashley Solis announced herself as one of the complainants against Deshaun Watson. Lisa Bloom, an attorney who represents some of the women accusing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct, spoke to reporters

Bloom went on to say that the number of accusers is “Growing by the day, Deshaun Watson is a serial predator who preys on vulnerable women,” Bloom said. “He has used his celebrity status and his wealth to lure women into a false sense of security and then he takes advantage of them.” Is Lauren Baxley Related With Deshaun Watson?

Lauren Baxley And Deshaun Watson

The attorney also said that Watson has “refused” to meet with Bloom and her clients to discuss the allegations. “We have repeatedly asked Deshaun Watson’s lawyers to have him speak with us so we can try to resolve these cases,” Bloom said. “He has refused.”

Lauren Baxley is the second woman to accuse Deshaun Watson of sexual assault. Lauren is one of 22 plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, according to court documents. Baxley has worked with a number of professional sportspeople in the past, according to what is written. She’s been in the business for 11 years and is well-known. During a press conference on Tuesday, Baxley referred to her run-in with Deshaun Watson, stating it in the room.

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What did Lauren Baxley say in her statement to Deshaun Watson?
After Solis’ news conference, Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin made a statement. He accused Buzbee and the accuser of attempting to reach a $100,000 settlement “months ago,” implying it was “hush money.”

Deshaun Watson Early Life Explored

Donisha Watson was born Friday, September 14, 1995 in Gainesville, Georgia, to Deann Watson and Don Richardson. He went to Gainesville High School from the fall of 2010 and played for the school’s Red Elephants football team. Miller had intended to start a rising junior at quarterback in his spread offense, but Watson beat out the competition and took command as Miller’s first-ever freshman starting QB.

During his high-school career, Watson set numerous state records, including those for total yards (17,134), total touchdowns (218), and career passing yards (13,077). He rushed for 4,057 yards and 63 touchdowns during his four years at Lansing High School. Watson shined as a junior, winning a state title and earning kudos such as Junior All-American, 2014 Player to Watch, and Top 100 Recruit. Watson led Gainesville to the state semifinals during his sophomore and senior years.

Is Deshaun Watson Married?

Deshaun Watson is probably not married and does not have a wife, at least not that we know of. The NFL star quarterback is currently only 26 years old and may not be ready to settle down just yet. He does, however, have a girlfriend. But her name is not known.

Watson has said in the past that he is very focused on his career and that marriage is not something he is thinking about right now. He seems like he is in no rush to get married and may even be waiting until he retires from football to do so. Who knows, maybe one day Watson will surprise us all and get hitched. For now , though, it doesn’t seem like he is any hurry to walk down the aisle. Moreover, After moving to Houston, Watson became a Christian and converted to the Southern Baptist Convention.

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