Who Is The Husband Of Lady Dimitrescu: Here’s What We Know

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Lady Dimitrescu is a 9-foot-tall vampire who one of the main antagonists in Resident Evil Village. She’s known for her striking height, fashionable sense, and large brood of daughters. She is first seen in the game’s prologue, where she and her daughters attack Ethan Winters and his wife Mia. The encounter ends with Mia being captured by the vampires, and Ethan left for dead.

Ethan eventually makes his way to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, where he discovers that she has been using Mia as a blood donor. He also learns that the vampire has been using her daughters to kidnap other women, in order to keep them as potential blood donors as well. Who Is The Husband Of Lady Dimitrescu: Here’s What We Know.

Lady Dimitrescu Wiki, Bio

Ethan manages to rescue Mia and escape the castle, but not before Lady Dimitrescu herself attacks him. He eventually defeats her, but she escapes and vows to get revenge.

Lady Dimitrescu is later seen in the game’s climax, where she once again attacks Ethan. This time, however, he manages to defeat her for good. With her dying breath, she tells Ethan that he will never be able to escape from the village alive.

Lady Dimitrescu Husband

Lady Dimitrescu husband name is not known. Moreover, she is unmarried.

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Lady Dimitrescu Daughters

The three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu are known as Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. They assist their mother in kidnapping women for use as blood donors.

Believe is the oldest daughter and is said to be the most level-headed of the three. She is also the only one who seems to have any reservations about her mother’s actions.

Cassandra is the middle child and is said to be the most impulsive of the three. She is also the most bloodthirsty, and often takes part in torturing the kidnapped women.

Daniela is the youngest daughter and is said to be the most naïve of the three. She is also the most childlike, and often looks to her sisters for guidance. All three daughters are eventually killed by Ethan Winters.

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