Who was Kollege Kidd’s late co-founder, Raysean Autry?

The co-owner of hip hop entertainment website Kollege Kidd has passed away at age 36 after a long battle with covid-19. After the creative passed away on 30 December 2021, fans are eager to learn more about the blog’s creator. Who was Raysean Autry?

COVID-19 infections have been on the rise for the previous several days and once again, this deadly virus has taken a life. Another well-known personality succumbed to this killers. The death of the co-founder Raysean Autry, Kollege Kidd, has caused a sensation on the internet. Raysean Autry was one of the co-owners of Kollege Kidd and went by the name Raysean Autry. He died suddenly at age 33. Fans were moved to post condolences and memories to their famous hip hop performer who began gaining popularity in 2011 after hearing word about his sudden demise.

Raysean Autry Death Cause

The fans noted that the death of Kollege Kidd has left behind a legacy of challenges that any hip-hop artist faces in their early career. According to the Kollege Kidd official Instagram account, which has over 1.2 million followers, Raysean Autry is the actual owner of Kollege Kidd: Richard Autry and Richard Autry are brothers. COVID-19 infection killed one of them, Raysean Autry, due to an acute disease.

Ray has his own profile under his real name on which he has over 26.7 followers, in addition to the official Kollege Kidd site. He is a visionary content filmmaker and content developer, according to his Instagram page.

Who was Raysean Autry?

Raysean Autry was a co-owner of Kollege Kidd, who rose to prominence due to his distinct and innovative video content on YouTube as well as his personal blog. According to some fans, Ray was a hip-hop blogger who inspired the younger generation through his music and digital material since 2011.

He resides in Los Angeles, California, according to his Facebook page. As of now, it’s assumed that Covid killed him, although the specifics remain unconfirmed by the authorities.

Raysean Autry Age And Real Name Of Kollege Kidd co-owner

Raysean Autry appears to be between the ages of 36 and 43. Around the mid-30s, he looked closed. Though precise information on his real birthdate has yet to emerge. He also went by Raysean Autry, which appears to be his official family name. He was known by three names: Raysean Autry, Ray Autry, and Kollege Kidd. The followers of Kollege Kidd are sharing their condolences to their favorite artist who had a head-to-head rivalry with DJ Akademiks in 2011-2012.

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How Rich Was Kollege Kidd Co-Owner Raysean Autry? The Net Worth of Raysean Autry

Raysean Autry has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million. Nonetheless, his large fan following and the development of his channel had a tremendous influence on this figure. He has a lot of potential to offer timely relevant digital content via social media and his official website. The Kollege Kid’s official Youtube channel has gained 371k followers.

Shocked Tributes Pour In Online

On 30 December, Kollege Kidd founder Raysean Autry died after being infected by Covid-19. He and his brother Richard Autry launched Kollege Kidd, a digital media company known for Hip-Hop’s website, with their company Kollege Kidd. According to reports, Raysean Autry died from coronavirus and was in critical condition for the last few days, though some news sources said that his brother Richard Autry was also in ill health and had been admitted to the hospital owing to a critical situation. You will learn more about Raysean Autray and his brother’s medical status below.

Raysean Autry and his brother Richard Autry launched a digital platform for millennial hip-hop fans in 2011. Raysean Autry was also well-known on Instagram, where he gained 27,000 followers after gaining popularity from Kollege Kidd. He claimed to be a filmmaker in his account description. He was enrolled at Bowling Green State University according to his LinkedIn profile. Raysean Autry worked as a content creator and intern at CNN In America before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Raysean Autry and his brother Richard Autry were both from Chicago. Raysean Autry had a wide range of skills, having worked as a technical director and camera operator at WGBU-PBS. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications, television, and film from Bowling Green State University in 2010.

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Raysean Autry (or Ray-Shen) was born in the later half of the 1980s, according to his Instagram bio. He may be in his mid-thirties. His net worth was around $1 million, if we speak about it. Raysean Autry and Richard Autry own Kollege Kidd, which has a verified Instagram account with over 1.2 million followers and the bio is written “Leader of the New Skool.”

Finally, Kollege Kidd’s Youtube channel has over 370,000 subscribers as of now, and the channel is maintained by an official representative. When there was no media presence for underground hip hop for new faces in 2011, Kollege Kidd was founded.

Kollege Kidd’s objective is to acquire new faces, independent and successful artists on its platform. It gathered a huge number of followers ranging from 13 years old to 34 years old from all around the world. Netizens pouring tributes to Raysean Autry on Twitter by the time of news shattered the internet. One of his followers tweeted that it was insane; he thought everyone at some point had seen at least one Kollege Kidd video, Take care.

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