Kevin D. Monahan: Why He Murdered Kaylin Gillis?

Kevin D. Monahan is a criminal who shot and killed 20-year-old graduate Kaylin Gillis in Hebron, New York, after the car in which she was traveling turned onto the wrong driveway. He was arrested following a standoff and was subsequently charged with second-degree murder. On January 23, 2024, Monahan was found guilty and convicted of second-degree murder. His sentencing is set for March 1st, 2024.

Who Is Kevin D. Monahan?

Kevin D. Monahan was born on October 28, 1957 was charged in the killing. He was born and raised in Salem, New York. In 2024, he 67 years old. He was often nasty, grumpy, and occasionally violent, according to longtime neighbours.

Although not having a criminal history in New York State, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon in Vermont in 2001. Later, that accusation was dropped.

Kevin D. Monahan Murdered Kaylin Gillis

Kaylin Gillis, along with her friends was tragically killed on the evening of April 15, 2023, in Washington County, New York. They were trying to find a friend’s house and were being driven by Kaylin’s boyfriend. They accidentally turned into the driveway of Kevin D. Monahan, who lived in a secluded area on Patterson Hill Road in the rural town of Hebron.

kevin-d-monahan-victim (1)
Kaylin Gillis

After realizing they were at the wrong driveway, the group started to reverse their vehicle out of the driveway. Unfortunately, as they were leaving, a man named Monahan came out of his house and shot at their vehicle with a 20-gauge shotgun, hitting Gillis in the neck.

Since they couldn’t get phone signal in Hebron, they drove towards Salem to call 9-1-1 for help. Gillis tragically passed away before medical assistance could reach them.

kevin-d-monahan-victim (2)
Kaylin Gillis murdered by Kevin D. Monahan

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When the police arrived up at Monahan’s house, he didn’t want to give himself up to them or the state troopers. He ended up having a standoff with them for about an hour, during which he was talking on the phone with a police dispatcher and his lawyer.

He decided to surrender. The whole encounter was caught on video by eight police body-worn cameras. Monahan had lied to the police at first, saying that he had been in bed since 8:30 p.m., and tried to blame hunters for the killing.

Who was Kaylin Gillis?

Kaylin Gillis was grew up in Schuylerville, New York. She was born to father Andrew is a correctional officer and mother Angelique. She graduated from Schuylerville High School in 2021.

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