Adrian Basham Age, Children | Why Did He Kill His Wife, Samantha Fraser?

Adrian Basham is a brutal murderer of his ex-wife, Samantha Fraser, who had been excited to start a new life. He savagely murdered his estranged wife. He had begun to stalk her after they separated and had been harassing her, sending her threatening messages. On the day of the murder, he brutally attacked her and stabbed her multiple times, killing her in cold blood. He tied a noose around her neck and staged her killing as a suicide has been jailed for at least 30 years, in 2023. His full name is, Adrian James Basham. Following Basham’s sentencing at the Victorian Supreme Court, Ms Fraser’s family clapped as he was led out by the court officer.

Why Did Adrian Basham Kill His Wife, Samantha Fraser?

On July 22, 2018, Ms. Fraser was ready to embark on a fresh start after leaving a life of horror behind her – one in which she had escaped family violence. She expected that day to be the kickoff for this new and wonderful phase in her life. Sadly though, it would soon become her last living birthday as less than 24 hours later tragedy struck: Basham ambushed Ms. Fraser upon arrival at Cowes on Phillip Island and viciously attacked her with 41 separate blunt force injuries before taking away what could have been an amazing future from this courageous woman who deserved so much more out of life.

After dominating and controlling her for years, she decided to separate with Basham. Moreover, it ends in tied a noose around Ms Fraser’s neck and, hung her from the garage door, and staged the murder as a suicide. The two had met back in 2005 and married two years later. Only weeks prior to his heinous act he was charged with raping her during their marriage – this meant that she was due to testify against him a week after he took away her life.


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Just a day before Ms. Fraser passed away, she joyfully celebrated her birthday with an optimistic outlook for what was ahead of her in life. In fact, the text message that she sent to her partner on the very same day proclaimed this birthday would be the start of something great! Her loving parents remember their daughter as someone who had an immense amount of unconditional love for her children – and it showed by being at the heart and soul of everything they did together.

They were five, seven and nine when she died. Now a teenager, her eldest daughter declared that nothing could ever match the destruction Basham had caused to their lives. ‘He murdered my mum. He took Sammy’s life and in doing so destroyed so many others.’

Adrian Basham Age

  • Adrian Basham age is 46 years old, as of 2023.
  • He sentenced in prison till 2063.

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