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Who Is Keith Brymer Jones’s Wife Marj Hogarth? The television program Great Pottery Throw Down was hosted by renowned British potter and ceramic designer Keith Brymer Jones, who is also know as the judge on the show. Marj Hogarth is a actress and social media celebrity, and she married fellow actor Keith Brymer Jones in May 2015. The pair currently resides in Margate, England. Keith Brymer Jones Wife, Marj Hogarth, Book, Relationship, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth.

Keith Brymer Jones and Marj Hogarth Age Gap

The artist’s name is Peter Jones, and his work has been shown in various galleries around the world, including New York City, London and Paris. He was born on May 30th of 1956 in West Yorkshire, England. His wife Marj Hogarth is around the age of 40-50. They have a child named Benjamin who is six years old. The couple has an approximate age difference of 5-10 years. Here you’ll discover all you need to know about Keith Brymer Jones’ wife, Marj Hogarth, including their relationship, Wiki, Bio, age, career and net worth.

Who Is Marj Hogarth?

Marj Hogarth is the wife of composer and pianist Richard Jones, who has been known as a television personality. She has appeared in at least five TV series and theatrical plays at the Eden Court Theatre, including Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Keith Brymer Jones Book

The release of Mr. Jones’s autobiography “BOY IN A CHINA SHOP” will happen on February 3, 2022, which recounts his childhood, early life, meeting with his wife Marj Hogarth, and his status as a poet.

Keith Brymer Jones The Word Range

At the age of 14, Brymer Jones created his first pottery piece, an owl. He worked with Conran Group, Habitat, Barneys New York, Monsoon, Laura Ashley and Heal’s among other brands. By developing this brand and adding individual mugs, plates, teapots, gravy jugs, flower vases, butter dishes, and more items to it , he established the World Range Of Mugs international brand.

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Keith Brymer Jones Wiki

From the same period, Peter Jones is a well-known British potter and ceramic artist. He was born in London, United Kingdom, on June 965, and he is 56 years old today (June 2022). At the age of 11, he began creating pottery designs and produced his first piece, an owl, when he was 14.

He is responsible for the international brand that includes a doctorate from Staffordshire University and the Patronage of The National Society for Education in Art and Design.

He was a judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown. In 2015, he made his debut as a judge on BBC2’s The Great Pottery Throw Down alongside Kate Malone. He also made his debut as a judge for More4 in 2020 and Channel 4 in 2021. He also worked at Make International as the Head of Design.

Keith Brymer Jones Ethnicity, Nationality

His ethnicity is White, as suggested by his name. He was born and raised in London, which is why he holds a British passport.

Keith Brymer Jones Net Worth

Now we’ll discuss about Keith Brymer Jones’ net worth. Everyone is wondering how much money Keith Brymer Jones makes and what his net worth is, right? So we’d like to inform you that he has a net worth of $1-5 million.

Keith Brymer Facts

  • Who is Keith Brymer Jones? Brymer Jones is a well-known British ceramic and potter.
  • What is Keith Brymer Jones’s Wife? Marj Hogarth is the name of Brymer Jones’s spouse, a stage actress and social media personality.

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