Katie Allan Wiki: Died By Suicide While Incarcerated In Polmont Young Offenders Institution

Katie Allan was a university student who committed suicide shortly after being imprisoned for causing a drunk driving accident and fleeing the scene. She hit a boy while driving but insisted she did not know she had driven into anyone. During her time in prison, she experienced fear and constant criticism from her fellow inmates.

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She was sentenced to 16 months in Polmont Young Offenders Institution in Stirlingshire after being convicted of dangerous driving. Tragically, she took her own life while serving her sentence.

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Throughout the trial, Allan maintained that she was unaware that she had hit someone after her tire blew and she crashed into an island, having consumed four pints of alcohol. In spite her claims and the plea from the victim’s family, she was still incarcerated.

How old was Katie Allan?

Katie Allan was 21 years old, as the time of her death in 2024. She was born to her mother Linda Allan and her father name is Stuart Allan. She was studying at Glasgow University and was described as a ‘lovely lassie’.

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Day before Katie Allan’s suicide

Just before Katie Allan was found dead, her mother and brother had visited her. During this visit, Katie’s mother informed an officer that she was deeply distressed as she had been subjected to constant harassment from other prisoners leaving her frightened and vulnerable.

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Katie Allan took drastic step

On June 3, 2018, at approximately 8:10 p.m., Katie Allan was last observed by staff members watching TV in her cell. She had killed herself and the following morning her body was found. Tragically, she took her own life and left behind a note in her cell along with letters to her mother, grandmother and a friend.

It was revealed during the court proceedings that she had experienced major weight loss during her time at Polmont. Prior to her death, there was an incident where she walked into a police station carrying a knife while already on bail for another offense involving a blade. Also, she had a history of expressing suicidal thoughts.

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