Katelyn Nicole Davis Suicide | Cause Of Death


Katelyn Nicole Davis died because of angst, depression, and hopelessness. She had enough of her life in a small, rural town in Georgia. She decided to livestream her death on Facebook Live. Her suicide video sparked intense controversy and had a huge impact on social media users around the world. The video highlighted the issue of cyberbullying and drew attention to mental health issues that can lead to self-harm or suicide. Scroll down and read full article about, Katelyn Nicole Davis Suicide | Cause Of Death.

Who Was Katelyn Nicole Davis | Death Cause

Katelyn Nicole Davis was a 12 year old teen girl who feels her only choice is to end her own life. She died on Dec 30, 2016. She was attending school at the time of her death. Her major reason of death reason came in public domain was her, depression and struggle abuse from her close ones.

The drastic move she took is becoming more and more common. This is because our society does not pay enough attention to people who are thinking about suicide or who have attempted suicide. She decided to livestream her death on Facebook Live. Moreover, she was popular by her online name ITZ Dolly.

Katelyn Nicole Davis Parents

  • Katelyn Nicole Davis was born to Tammy Michelle Rogers.
  • Her stepfather was Anthony Lee Rogers Sr.

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Katelyn Nicole Davis Age

Katelyn Nicole Davis was born on February 20, 2004. She was 12 years old, at the time of her death. Her siblings names are, Abigail Lee Rogers and A.J Lee Rogers.

Katelyn Nicole Davis Career

Katelyn Nicole Davis was a renowned blogger, regularly posting captivating content for his readers. She was widely admired for her style and the topics she chose. She also collaborated with many other bloggers around the world, which made her even more popular. Her blog posts were always insightful and well-written, often dealing with social issues or current events.

How Tall Was Katelyn Nicole Davis?

Katelyn Nicole Davis height is not known. Her eye color was blue and her hair color was light brown. She was socially active on the internet, blogging regularly and using social media. She had many online friends who encouraged her to pursue her creative dreams, even if it meant leaving the safety of her small town.

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