Is Kalee Dionne leaving WFAA? Meteorologist shares update

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Kalee Dionne, a WAA meteorologist, anchored her final forecast on Wednesday (15 December) after announcing to followers on social media that she was leaving the channel.

Kalee Dionne has been a familiar face to WFAA viewers for many years, and many of them are now curious as to what she will do after leaving the station. Let’s have a look.

Is Kalee Dionne leaving WFAA?

Yes, after two years with the ABC station in Dallas, Texas, the WFAA meteorologist is departing her position.

On Wednesday, December 15, Kalee Dionne made the announcement on Twitter: it was her last day on the program since she wasn’t able to say goodbye to fans.

On July 11, the news was confirmed by Dionne: “The news is true. Today is my last day on WFAA. There was no goodbye, but I did try to slip it in there. I’ve appreciated you all so much. Thank you for putting your faith in me for the past two years.”

What will she do next?

Kalee Dionne has yet to reveal her future plans, but in her announcement on Wednesday, she implied that she would keep fans informed via social media.

Last week, Dionne counted down to her big news on Instagram, using a “7-day forecast.” The countdown began last Thursday; the weathercaster stated, “Plot twist. Stay tuned for a major revelation next week! #pivot.”


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The comments on the post were filled with speculation as to whether Dionne was preparing for a pregnancy reveal or whether she would be leaving WFAA in the coming week. The comments have also been struck by astonishment after it was revealed that he is quitting his job at “Entertainment Tonight”.

Kalee Dionne’s career explored

Kalee Dionne, a broadcast meteorologist from Mississippi State University, earned her degree in broadcast meteorology. She began her weather career on WSIU before moving to work for ABC affiliate WSIL.

Dionne was previously a weekday morning meteorologist at NBC Chicago, where she worked for nearly a decade. She has also worked at several other local TV stations, including WCIA and WIAT.


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