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Kalecia Williams was a teenage girl who murdered while filming Tiktok. In 2020, at the age of 16 years old, she was murdered at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. In 2022, the death of a young teenage girl made headlines all over Georgia. She was just a school-going youngster who was invited to the party when she was shot dead. This tragedy occurred in December 2020, which was also pandemic time for Covid-19. In addition, before Williams’ death, the young teenager at approximately 12.02 am, set her phone in front of her and started making some bodily moves for her TikTok account, @Kaleciawilliams1.

Who Killed Kalecia Williams?

Kalecia Williams was murdered by her 16 year old male friend whose name has not yet been revealed. It has been determined that Kalicia was at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with her male companion after a thorough investigation.

The young boy was quickly arrested by the cops and taken into custody. He was then transported to the Atlanta Police Department headquarters for further interrogation. As a result, this tragedy has gained attention in the state of Georgia, which is quite frightening.


The juvenile was arrested on charges of felony murder, wanton conduct, aggravated assault, and unlawful possession of a weapon by someone under the age of 18. The killer boy was also seen carrying a handgun during the investigation, which he drew out and aimed at Kalecia.

Kalecia WilliamsProfile
Full nameKalecia Pinky Williams
Date of birthJanuary 1st, 2004
Age16 years old (Died)
Zodiac signCapricorn
Mother’s nameApril Smith

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Kalecia William Age Revealed

  • Kalecia William was 16 years old, at the time of her death.
  • She was born on January 1st, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • She holds African-American nationality.
  • Her mother name was April Smith.
  • She was raised by her stepfather Romney Savoy.
  • She was a vibrant teenager known for posting videos on her TikTok account.
  • She had a huge following and was known for her funny videos, her singing and her dance moves.
  • She was always making people laugh and her bubbly personality was infectious.

Kalecia Williams Facts

  • Kalecia Williams loved one thing, which was dancing.
  • Her parents believed she was over at a hang-out with her friends and stayed on Airbnb, not knowing that the chaperone had taken her to a hotel alongside other kids.
  • The reason for the altercation between the boy and Kalecia Williams is still yet unknown. For the boy to have pulled out a gun and shot Kalecia Williams, he has no self-control. And if the law enfor

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