Who Killed Jon Garner Wiki: ABC Series Who Do You Believe

Jon Garner was murdered by Sandra Garner and Wesley Miller who were suspects in the upcoming ABC series Who Do You Believe, which will detail the tragic death of Jon Garner in January 2018, when investigators discovered Sandra’s iPad with a search history indicating a murder plot. Sandra was detained after she was caught with gunpowder on her hands. She was nevertheless acquitted after a four-week trial, when it became apparent that someone else had framed her for the offense.

The Sandra and Her Son Wesley Misunderstanding focuses on situations where two alternate stories are told from two different perspectives. Sandra and her son Wesley would be pointing fingers at one another as the situation grows more strange with each new development in this case. The entire inquiry was recorded on police body cameras, which were later presented in court. Who Killed Jon Garner Wiki: ABC Series Who Do You Believe.

Sandra Garner: What Did She Do?

  • Sandra Louise Garner, a native of Maypearl in Ellis County, was married when she worked for a shipping firm in Paris, Texas.
  • Despite the fact that he was 13 years her junior, she fell in love with him while they worked together in Paris. Sandra Louise and Jon got married two years later.
  • It was her third marriage after previous two divorces.

Sandra Garner Children

Sandra’s two children, Andrea and Wesley, took over as the main parental figures for Sandra after her husband died. He became the family’s sole breadwinner when Sandra was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The pair were married for 18 years before the tragedy occurred.

On January 2, 2022, Sandra and Jon’s wedding anniversary, Jon Garner was shot three times in his sleep. According to reports, Sandra alerted the cops soon after, stating that she had awoken to the sound of gunfire and begun screaming. A masked perpetrator ordered her to stay quiet at gunpoint before making her take $18,000 from the couple’s bedroom locker.

Sandra called the cops when he departed. Sandra reported the event several times to the authorities after their arrival. However, there were a few things about which the investigators had doubts. Her composure was what stood out most about her. She allegedly recounted the tale numerous times with little or no emotion displayed on her face. This prompted law enforcement officials to question her intentions.


Police discovered Sandra Garner’s iPad after the investigation was complete, with recent search history indicating “How to kill someone in their sleep” and “16 methods to murder someone without getting caught,” according on court documents. Police also discovered gunpowder residue on her hands, implying she was the main suspect. Sandra was also accused of being behind the crime by Wesley Miller.

The cops discovered a gun under Sandra’s car the day after, according to authorities. The police subsequently determined that this particular weapon was the murder instrument. Sandra Garner was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Her bail was set at $2 million. Sandra couldn’t afford the bail, so she remained in jail until her hearing began in September 2019.

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Sandra Garner’s Trial

In Sandra Garner’s case, hours of body-camera footage were viewed by the court and jury during the investigation. The prosecution claimed that her body language was that of a guilty person. The lawsuit lasted four weeks before being resolved after a plethora of evidence and testimonies.

The defense team responded that a third party might have placed the firearm inside Sandra’s vehicle, and that Wesley could be the main aggressor. This portion will be at the center of ABC’s Who Do You Believe, as shown by the teaser.

  • Sandra was found not guilty after three hours of deliberation by the jury.
  • Sandra’s charges were dismissed, and she walked out of court a free woman.
  • She now resides in Maypearl, Ellis County, Texas, at her family home and believes that her late husband would have wanted this for her.
  • Sandra Garner was sentenced to 21 months in prison before the jury acquitted her.

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