Who Is Kaitlin Armstrong, Anna Moriah Wilson’s Killer?

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Kaitlin Marie Armstrong is arrested by police in Austin who named on suspicion of murdering professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, there may have been a love triangle involving Wilson, another professional cyclist, and the suspect, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong.

The 34-year-old Armstrong is charged with murder in connection with the death of Wilson, a 25-year-old professional cyclist who was shot May 11 at an East Austin home. After weeks of speculation, police charged Lance Armstrong with doping in June. On Friday afternoon, an arrest warrant was issued for the seven-time Tour de France winner, who had not been arrested as of that time.

According to the court document, in October, Armstrong broke up with her longtime partner Colin Strickland, a professional cyclist. Strickland then met and began dating Wilson but soon reconciled with Armstrong. Who Is Kaitlin Armstrong, Anna Moriah Wilson’s Killer?

Who was Anna Moriah Wilson?

It was reported that Wilson, a rising star in the sport, was visiting Hico to compete in a race. She was in Waco for a race at Hico, northwest of Waco. On May 12, police discovered the body of 22-year-old Athena Wilson in an East Austin home on Maple Avenue.


According to VeloNews, Wilson was from Vermont and planned a series of races throughout the summer, including one in East Africa. The cycling community mourned Wilson’s passing on social media after it occurred.

How did Kaitlin Armstrong know Colin Strickland?

According to police, the couple lives together in Austin. They split up for a brief time in October, but reconciled shortly thereafter. According to police, Armstrong discovered that Strickland and Wilson were seeing each other while the two were still broken up.

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A source informed authorities that Armstrong “became enraged” and “shook with fury.” According to authorities, Armstrong deleted her social media accounts and hasn’t been seen since May 13.

What happened the day of Wilson’s death?

Wilson and Strickland were said to have gone swimming together at Deep Eddy Pool the day of her death, according to investigators. Wilson left the home where she was staying at around 6 p.m., according to authorities, and returned approximately 8:30 p.m. “

The video revealed that a dark SUV appeared to pull up to the home one minute after she had emerged from swimming with Strickland, according to authorities. Police said the car had a bike rack and a luggage rack, and that Armstrong drove a 2012 Jeep Cherokee on June 7th, which matched the vehicle in the video. That evening, a renter of the house where Wilson was staying called authorities after seeing him in the bathroom.

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