Who Was Joleen Cummings | Kimberly Kessler’s Murderer


Joleen Cummings was a 34-year-old mother of three from Nassau County, Florida. She went missing in May 2018. In November 2019, Kimberly Kessler, Joleen’s former coworker at Tangles Hair Salon, was arrested and charged with her murder. Kessler was found to have had a tumultuous relationship with Joleen that involved arguments over financial issues. She also had a criminal record. Kimberly found guilty of 1st-degree murder in death of Nassau County mother of 3 who vanished in 2018.

At the time of her arrest, Kimberly had moved to Yulee, FL, where she was living in an RV park. Forensic evidence indicated that Joleen had died as a result of strangulation. Kessler was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the crime. She is currently incarcerated in Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution for Women, where she will remain until the end of her life.

Joleen Cummings Murder

Joleen Cummings’ murder remains a tragedy that has deeply impacted those who knew her. Her family continues to grieve the loss of their beloved daughter, mother, and sister. May Joleen’s memory live on as a reminder that violence is never the answer. May her death also serve to bring awareness and justice for victims of domestic violence everywhere.

Also, there were a lot of blood and DNA evidence found in the Tangles hair salon during the prosecution’s trial, along with other evidence found in Kessler’s storage unit and car during the prosecution’s trial.

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Kimberly Kessler Prison

During the sentencing hearing, Kimberly Kessler was sentenced to life in prison without parole as punishment for the murder of her coworker Joleen Cummings at a hair salon. This sentence is intended to send a message to the community that violent crimes such as this one will not be tolerated. It also serves to protect the public from any further harm that Kimberly Kessler might cause.

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