Who Is John De Waal, Kit De Waal’s Husband?

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John De Waal is best known as the husband of Kit De Waal, who is a popular British-Irish writer. Moreover, the author’s personal information is quite elusive, and she rarely shares any details about her life on social media. Instead, she focuses mainly on promoting her professional career. In June 2016, De Waal’s debut novel, My Name Is Leon, was released by Penguin Books. To help improve working-class representation in the arts, De Waal used some of her advance money to establish the Kit de Waal Creative Writing Fellowship. The audiobook version of My Name is Leon is performed by Sir Lenny Henry and narrated by him. Supporting Cast is a collection of short stories penned by De Waal (2020). Who Is John De Waal, Kit De Waal’s Husband?

Who Is John De Waal?

John, the famous spouse, was born on January 7, 1962, and is a legal counsel who has years of expertise in his field. The likelihood of the two meeting again is high, due to Kit’s years spent working as a judge. Although Kit De Waal has not posted any photos on her Instagram (available under @kitdewaal), she does have over 3200 followers and nearly 250 posts.

Kit De Waal Children

Kit De Waal has cared for two foster children for several years and adopted them several years ago. Kit’s mother, Sheila O’Loughlin, was an auxiliary nurse, a trained childminder, and a foster parent who had a big influence on the author. As a result, she also wanted to have foster children and care for them in her own home by providing them with a wonderful family atmosphere.


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The author has considerable experience working in foster care and the adoption system in the United Kingdom. She’s also published a number of books on foster care and adoption. De Waal was born and grew up in Birmingham, Ireland. She remembers being the only black children at the Irish Community Center and the only ones with a white mother at the West Indian Social Club.

Kit De Waal Books

Kit De Waal goes to Waverley Grammar School in Small Heath, Birmingham. She worked for 15 years as a magistrate (Justice of the Peace) and as a criminal and family lawyer. She has served on adoption panels, advised Social Services, and authored training manuals on adoption and foster care.

She wrote for fun as a kid and, after her kids were old enough to fend for themselves, she decided to get serious about it by studying creative writing at Oxford Brookes University. There, she achieved a master’s degree.

Kit De Waal Net Worth 2022

From her 15-year career in the judiciary, including her writings and other publications that are currently on the market, Willeke De Waal is anticipated to be extremely wealthy. Let us look at her wealth further.

With her best-selling book, My Name is Leon, the author is anticipated to gain a great deal of money. The precise sales of the novel are unknown, but it is expected to generate a lot of money for its author. Similarly, after Douglas Production has screened her work, the author’s net worth is anticipated to rise significantly. She also made an excellent income from her career as a court associate and is anticipated to earn between £200 and £1,000 each session over the next 15 years, resulting in a lump sum of money during that time period.

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