Who Is Clytemnestra L. Clarke, Bishop Timothy Clarke’s Wife?

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Mrs. Clytemnestra L. Clarke, is a devoted spouse who supports her husband in his duties as a bishop and provides both strength and productivity to the collaboration they undertake. She serves as an excellent example for what a Bishop’s wife should be like, demonstrating all of them to perfection.

In particular, she is a great helpmeet. She is always there when her husband needs her, whether it is to provide emotional support or practical help. She is also a skilled administrator and has been known to handle all the paperwork and correspondence for her husband’s office, freeing him up to focus on more important matters.

Mrs. Clarke is also highly regarded for her work as a teacher in the Church. She has taught Sunday School for many years and is currently the primary teacher in the Young Women’s program. Her lessons are always well-prepared and she has a gift for making complex concepts easy to understand. She is also a talented speaker and often gives talks at Church conferences and other events. Who Is Clytemnestra L. Clarke, Bishop Timothy Clarke’s Wife?

Clytemnestra L. Clarke Is A Supportive Mother

Mrs Clytemnestra Clarke is an exemplary wife, mother, and Church member. She is a credit to her husband and to the Church, and is an example for all women to follow.

Her unwavering love for the individual who has been her soul mate throughout her entire life, even after forty years of marriage, is impossible to ignore, and she continues to insist that she is dedicated to helping him in his role as her partner. Despite the fact that they have been married for four decades.

She is a woman of prayer who has been anointed to communicate the Word of God to other women and share it with them. She has regarded it as an opportunity to serve in a variety of capacities, such as at worship services, conferences, and seminars, as an honor and a pleasure.

Bishop Timothy Clarke Daughter Accident Death

Dionesha Antoinette Clarke, the first kid Bishop and his wife had together, was involved in a horrible incident that resulted in her death. Her primary education was completed at Tree of Life and Central Ohio Christian Schools, both of which are Christian schools in Ohio. She had been a student at the Columbus Public Schools and graduated with the class of 1996 from Mifflin High School to get her diploma.

She went to the University of Akron for her undergraduate education before enlisting in the United States Air Force, progressing through the ranks, and becoming an Airman First Class. She enrolled at the University of Phoenix’s Columbus Campus to continue her studies after completing her military service.


Meredith has worked in the financial services industry for over a decade. She previously worked at Citi Financial and J.P. Morgan Chase, where she held the posts of Investment Broker and Fraud Prevention Analyst, respectively. For the previous ten years and a half, she had served as the Director of Special Events at First Church of God.

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Bishop Timothy Daughter: Joscelyn Renee Clarke

Bishop Timothy J. and Lady Clytemnestra L. Clarke’s daughter, Joscelyn Renee Clarke, is the oldest of their five children. She finished her studies at the University of Cincinnati after obtaining her high school diploma from Gahanna Lincoln in Columbus, Ohio. She was born and reared in Columbus.

In June of 2008, Joscelyn decided to take up her father’s profession and pursue full-time ministry. In this role, she was in charge of the Project Coordinator for The City of Refuge Point of Impact Project.

Jade is currently a mother to her son Ryan Joseph Clarke, and she is loving it. Her experiences as a single parent have motivated her to show other women who find themselves in a similar situation that there is no time limit to achieving their goals and finding alignment with their life’s destinies and objectives.

Clytemnestra L. Clarke FAQs

  • What is Clytemnestra L. Clarke’s full name?
  • Clytemnestra L. Clarke is her full name.
  • What is Clytemnestra L. Clarke’s maiden name?
  • Clytemnestra L. Clarke’s maiden name is Clytemnestra Lee.
  • How many children does Clytemnestra L. Clarke have?
  • Clytemnestra L. Clarke has five children: Dionesha, Joscelyn, Jade, Meredith, and Ryan.
  • What are Clytemnestra L. Clarke’s hobbies?
  • Clytemnestra L. Clarke enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and attending church.

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