Who Is Joan von Kurnatowski, Theo Von’s Sister?

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Joan von Kurnatowski is the sister of Theo Von, a well-known American stand-up podcaster, comedian, actor, and former reality television personality. While her brother gained fame for his avant-garde creations, Joan pursued a career as an artist.

Despite their differing paths, the siblings remained close and often collaborated on projects that combined Theo’s artistic vision with Joan’s financial acumen. They formed a dynamic duo that was respected in the art world.

Joan von Kurnatowski Wiki & Age

Joan von Kurnatowski was born in 1941 in Covington, Louisiana, U.S. She is 39 years senior to her brother, Theo Von. She had an older brother, Roland von Kurnatowski, Jr. (b. 1951), the owner of Tipitina’s and founder of the Tipitina’s Foundation; in 2019, he died after an accidental shooting, aged 68.

She has lived in Nashville, Tennessee since September 2020, after purchasing the home of former Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason. She also has an apartment in Los Angeles, California.

Joan von Kurnatowski Early Life

Joan von Kurnatowski was born to Gina Capitani and Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski (1910–1996). Her mother was born and raised by Gene Capitani, an electric welder at a boiler factory and Clara M Capitani, in Wyoming, Illinois.

She is of Polish-Nicaraguan descent through her father Roland, and Irish-Italian through her mother Gina. Her father was originally from Bluefields, Nicaragua. Von’s father was 28 when she was born and 67 when her brother, Theo Von was born.

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Von rounds the age to 70 years for his comedic material. He died of cancer when Von was 16 years old and her sister Joan was 55 years old. Joan von grew up in Covington, Louisiana, with her two brothers and a younger sister. Her brother, Theo Von was legally emancipated at 14.

Is Joan von Kurnatowski Married?

Yes, Joan von Kurnatowski is married and has two children together. She has not shared much details about her personal life.

Joan von Kurnatowski Facts

  • Joan von Kurnatowski’s brother, Theo Von is the host of the ‘This Past Weekend’ podcast and former co-host of The King and the Sting podcast with his best friend Brendan Schaub.
  • He competed on season 4 of Last Comic Standing, winning the online competition, in 2006.
  • He was a member of the Comedy Central sketch/competition show Reality Bites Back, in mid-2008.
  • In 2006, he achieved one of his first major comedic accomplishments a few years later.


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