Meet Jliany Santiago: Sister of Anuel AA

Jliany Santiago is best known as the sister of Anuel AA, a Puerto Rican rapper and singer. She shares a close bond with her brother and also chooses the same career path as a singer like him. Her music often contains samples and interpolations of songs.

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She and her brother are seen as a controversial figure in the Latin music scene. In the beginning of year 2024, she wrote via Instagram, ‘The only impossible thing is what you don’t try ✨💙 Taking short but steady steps, 2024 I’m coming for you.’

Jliany Santiago Wiki

Jliany Santiago grew up in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Her father is Afro–Puerto Rican and her mother is of White Puerto Rican descent. Jliany’s brother Anuel AA has stated that he has experienced racism since childhood for being mixed-race.

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Her father, José Gazmey, was vice president of the Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department. When she was a child, her father worked in the studio with salsa artists such as Héctor Lavoe and Fania All-Stars. Her father lost his job when Anuel AA was fifteen years old; this led him to become what Rolling Stone magazine described as a “son of the streets”.

How old Is Jliany?

Jliany age is 27 years old, in 2024. She was born in 27 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Growing up in such a lively environment has greatly influenced Jliany’s love for music and dance.

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She has been a part of various local dance groups and has even performed at several community events. Jliany’s passion for the arts has continued to blossom over the years, and she dreams of one day pursuing a career in the Latina music industry. Jliany’s height is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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Net Worth of Jliany

Jliany’s net worth is estimated at $2 million which she primarily makes from her singing career. She has successfully launched her own line of clothing which has gained immense popularity among her fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. She has over 288K followers on her ‘jliany_’ Instagram account.

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