Where Is Jim Croce Wife Ingrid Today: Everything We Know

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Ingrid is an author, singer, and restauranteur, who is best known as the widow of popular folk singer Jim Croce. Ingrid’s career is also bolstered by her renewed popularity. She is the widow of the singer-songwriter Jim Croce and the mother of the singer-songwriter A. J. Croce. Between 1964 and 1971, Ingrid and Jim Croce performed as a duo. In 1969, Capitol Records released their album, Jim & Ingrid Croce. Their song “Age” won a country music award in the late 1970s.

Moreover, she is currently trending as fans remember Jim from A’J.’s performance. Ingrid and Jim Croce worked together as a duet from 1964 until 1971, according to reports. Their debut was on Capitol Records in 1969. Their song “Age” received a Grammy for country music in the late 1970s. Where Is Jim Croce Wife Ingrid Today: Everything We Know.

Jim Croce Wife: Ingrid Now

Ingrid Croce is living her life now with husband number two, Jimmy Rock, whom she married in 1988. Her Instagram feed has also been recently flooded with images to commemorate her first spouse, Jim Croce, who died in a plane accident. The pair are said to have married in 1966 and remained married until Jim’s passing away three years later. Tragically, the legendary musician-songwriter died at the age of 30.

Ingrid Croce Boyfriend: Jimmy Rock

After her husband passed away, Ingrid married Jimmy Rock, a lawyer she met while running her restaurant. On Instagram, you can find several photographs of Jimmy and Ingrid together. Apart from that, nothing is known about Ingrid’s partner; however, based on the pictures she has uploaded, it appears as if the two of them are having a pleasant time together.

Ingrid Croce Net Worth In 2022

Even though the precise amount of her wealth is unknown, Ingrid Croce’s net worth is thought to be more than $5 million. She must have amassed a significant sum of money through her profession as an author turned restaurateur and a competent vocalist who founded Blinchiki in 1985 on the advice of a friend.

It was built in the city’s downtown area, where Jim Croce quipped about building Croce’s Restaurant & Jazz Bar in 1973. Similarly, in 2004, Croce worked with her spouse, Jim Rock, and Deborah Ogburn to produce Time in a Bottle: A Visual Chronicle of Jim’s Songs With Lyrics and Her Best Shots, which documented Jim’s songs with lyrics and her greatest photographs.

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Jim And Ingrid’s Son: AJ Croce

A.J.’s mother, Ingrid, was connected with a man who viciously abused him and blinded him after her husband died. He’d recovered partial sight over the following 35 years, performed piano with everyone from Ray Charles to Willie Nelson, and launched his own songwriting career according on CBS News.

He also developed a technique to live near his father’s shade if he hadn’t found a method to totally escape it. So now, more than 50 years later, A.J. Croce is continuing his examination of a father he knew little about. , he adds “Hopefully, most individuals have a photograph.”

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