Anderson Paak Wife, Jae Lin Ethnicity: What Is Jae Lin Ethnic Background?

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Anderson Paak’s second wife is Jae Lin. Let us discover more about her parents, ethnicity, and nationality. Jae Lin is the spouse of American signer Anderson Paak. He is also a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and drummer.

He won the 61st Grammy Awards for his Best Rap Performance with “Bubblin” and the 2020 Grammy Award for Best R&B Album for Ventura. For “Come Home”,’ he won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance.’ Returning to his wife, we’ve heard Anderson Paak mention her on interviews from time to time, but it appears that she prefers to stay out of the public eye.

Anderson Paak Wife: Jae Lin

Anderson Paak’s second wife is Jai Lin. He was previously married to a woman he met at church, who had ended up being his ex-wife. Their marriage only lasted a few years before they split up with an infant son.

The pair first met at a music school in California, where Anderson taught guitar and Jae Lin studied music. They married in 2011, the same year they had their first child, Soul Rasheed. In 2018, they became parents to a second daughter.

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Jae Lin Ethnicity & Nationality

Jae Lin is of Asian origin. Her family comes from South Korea and she is a Korean citizen. In contrast, Anderson was born on February 8, 1986, at St John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California. He is also mixedrace with African-American and Korean roots.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun, Anderson’s mother was born in South Korea during the Korean War. She was raised by her Korean grandparents before being sent to an orphanage and then adopted by a family from Los Angeles.

Jae Lin Parents Revealed

The parents of Jae Lin have not yet been revealed. As previously stated, Jae prefers to keep a low profile, so much about her is unknown. Anderson Paak’s parents haven’t been named either, most likely because of the difficulties he had during his youth.

His father assaulted his mother when he was a young boy and was subsequently incarcerated. Similarly, at the age of 16, his mother was sentenced to ten years in prison for large fraud, during his high school senior year.

Is Jae Lin On Instagram?

On Instagram, you won’t find many photos of Jelena Lee. She doesn’t appear to be active on any social media site, not just on Instagram. Meanwhile, her husband Anderson is active on Instagram as “@anderson.” He has already amassed 2.6 million followers.

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