Who Is Isaiah Pokora, Christina Milian’s Son?

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40675 Isaiah Pokora is the second son of actress Christina Milian and, as a result, people are interested in learning more about him. Isaiah Pokora’s famous parents keep him in the media glare, even though it is not unusual for celebrities’ lives. Christina Milian and Isaiah’s father, Terius Nash, who is also known as The-Dream, were married from 2009 to 2011. Pokora has an older sister, Violet Madison Nash, who was born in February 2010. Pokora’s parents are not together anymore, but they co-parent their two children. On Twitter, several people as well as celebrities wished him a happy birthday, and his parents recently celebrated his second birthday. Who Is Isaiah Pokora, Christina Milian’s Son?

Meet Isaiah Pokora: Christina Milian’s Son

Isaiah Pokora is the son of American actress Christina Milian, who was born in early 2019. It appears that Christina is a fantastic mother to Isaiah, who appears to be joyful and at ease with her.

After a decade away, it appears she’s enjoying motherhood again with her two boys, Isaiah and his younger brother, who was born just last month. According to Christina’s African-Cuban decent, her children have very long roots because their parents are from different parts of the world.

Isaiah Pokora Age

Isaiah Pokora is now two years old, and his fame as the son of well-known celebrities has allowed him to build a loyal fan base. He was born on January 20, 2020 in France, and he is being raised by his parents, who adore him a lot.


We believe he has a mixed heritage of French-American as he is born to parents with their own unique nationality and ethnicity. Furthermore, because he is the couple’s first child, they are very attentive to him, which shows how much they care for one another.

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Isaiah Pokora Siblings

Isaiah Pokora is the brother of adorable little Kenna Tota, who was born five months ago. He also has a half-sister, as he is an older brother to beautiful little Kenna Tota. From her first marriage with musician The Dream, Christina had already been given the chance to be a mother thanks to her wonderful daughter Violet Madison Nash.

It appears that Christina is close to her daughter. We believe Isaiah has a nice relationship with his twin sister, especially since she’s pregnant.

Isaiah Pokora Father

Isaiah Pokora is the son of Matt Pokora, a well-known French musician. Matt Pokora, who goes by the Instagram handle mattpokora, is Isaiah’s father. For him, becoming a father to two little boys who were rather adorable and cheerful was an amazing experience.

We discovered that Isaiah’s parents had been avoiding displaying his picture with his features on it, which prevented us from seeing his face. He’s a lovely youngster, and his mother, @christinamilian, runs an excellent Instagram account where we may learn more about him.

Isaiah Pokora FAQs

  • Who is Isaiah Pokora’s mother?
  • Isaiah Pokora’s mother is actress Christina Milian.
  • What is Isaiah Pokora’s ethnicity?
  • Isaiah Pokora is of African-Cuban descent.
  • His father is French and his mother is American.
  • How old is Isaiah Pokora?
  • Isaiah Pokora is two years old
  • He was born on January 20, 2020 in France.

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