How Did Big Chubby Die? Death Reason Explained


TikTok sensation Wayne “Big Chubby” Duplock passed away this week, leaving fans in shock. His mother uploaded a video to TikTok on November 26 to share the sad news.

The British TikToker had amassed over 618,000 followers at the time of his passing. He was best known for his comedic content that he created consistently. His family members made appearances in his videos as well.

Big Chubby’s partner and mother revealed that he died on November 24. He reportedly died after contracting Covid-19 and developing pneumonia. He was hospitalized in early November for a total of 22 days and was documenting his journey to recovery on Instagram and TikTok.

Who Was Big Chubby?

He was one of the popular TikToker on the Internet and known for his amazing content.

Recently, the demise of the star is surfing all over social media and fans are sharing their condolence. He took his last breath on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the age of 38.

According to the sources, the family of Tik Tok star confirmed the death of the personality through a video on his Tik Tok account.

First, the news of his death was announced by social media users but there was no official confirmation but after the video posted by his family, it was confirmed that Wayne Duplock is no more.

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Big Chubby Wayne Duplock Death

According to report, Big Chubby aka Wayne Duplock died due to Pleurisy.

Just three days before his passing, Wayne Duplock posted a video on social media of the hospital where he received treatment.

When he was announced dead numerous fans stepped forward to express their gratitude to him via social media and to talk about the unique and caring person was he.

However, the family could not yet confirm that Pleurisy is the cause of death for the actor, however our officials are working hard to determine the cause of death.

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