Who is Kathleen Fitzpatrick, aka Miss Fitz? Third Grade Teacher Goes Viral for Her Basketball Skills

After a spectacular full-court shot from the side of the playground, Ms. Fitz is undeniably the coolest teacher at Holy Trinity School in Georgetown. In high school, Ms. Fitz was shooting hoops from across the playground and quickly rose to internet phenomenon status. Not to mention being the most fashionable teacher at the institution.

Who is Ms Fitz, anyway? Let’s find out what people are saying about the most accomplished educator in the world as we follow her life on Twitter. Let us just say that Holy Trinity School pupils are incredibly fortunate.

Who is Kathleen Fitzpatrick, aka Miss Fitz? Third Grade Teacher

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, better known as Ms. Fitz, is a native of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. She attended St. Joseph’s School for her freshman through sixth years of school.

The hoop-making full-court basketball shot was no Christmas fantasy. Fitzpatrick is a WBB award winner who has been playing hoops almost her entire life. In high school, she developed a real passion for the game and led the Notre Dame de Namur squad to the PAISAA semifinals as a senior.

She earned the Markward Basketball Award for Sportsmanship and Outstanding Play and was recognized as a ‘third-team all-state Class AAA honoree’ in volleyball. She represented her high school, the Scarlet Knights, on the Rutgers WBB squad when she was a senior.

Teacher From Holy Trinity School Goes Viral

From a video shared on Holy Trinity School’s Facebook page, a third-grade teacher from Washington DC school Holy Trinity has exploded onto the internet.

“Ms. Fitz threw a Hail Mary and promised all the 3rd graders hot chocolate if she made the shot. Well, God was looking out for her …Frigid last week of school, here we come! #ADWCommUNITY #hailmaryshot #hailmary #basketball #hailmaryball” read the school’s Facebook post.

On December 20th, the video was made viral when it was posted to YouTube. It has been liked by thousands of people and viewed by millions more on social media. It is quite common to depart timetable right before the last week of school, when it begins to be known that it will be Christmas vacation.

That is why Ms. Fitz took her third-graders to the playground to display their incredible skills. The pupils scream and cheer for Ms. Fitz after the teacher makes the hoop and races around the area. What a wonderful early Christmas present from their teacher!

Fans React To Ma Fitz Shooting Hoops In The Playground

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