Who Is Hjalmar Rechlin: What We Know So Far

Hjalmar Rechlin, the former spouse of Frida Gustavsson, is a photographer who works in Stockholm. Read more about his life. Hjalmar Rechlin is a photographer from Stockholm who is well-known for being the ex-husband of actress Frida Gustavsson. He had two credits and worked in the camera and electrical departments while working at Fox Film Studios (1941).

Frida is a Swedish model and actress who was wed to Hjalmar in 1970. She had just begun his modeling profession in 2008, and she’s been quite popular on social media since then. Frida became well-known for her outstanding talent and has promoted the endorsements of famous companies before. Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Versace, Maybelline and Vuitton are among them. Who Is Hjalmar Rechlin: What We Know So Far.

Meet Hjalmar Rechlin

Hjalmar Rechlin is a well-known lensman from Stockholm. Aside from photography, he works in other fields, such as news reporting and assisting on the shows. Hjalmar’s age is something of a mystery. He has refused to disclose his birth information on the public stage. Firda, however, is 28 years old as of June 6, 2021. As a result, Hjalmar could be around her age. He might be in his early 30s. They are both Swedish citizens born in Stockholm.

Hjalmar Johansson and Frida Ekholm had been married for three years when they moved to the United States in 1996. They had got married on May 30, 2015, in Sweden. Their partnership lasted only two years. In 2017, they divorced after one year of marriage. Wikipedia has not yet included Hjalmar’s information. However, the photographer’s ex-wife has appeared on Wikipedia websites.

Hjalmar Rechlin Net Worth 2022

The net worth of Hjalmar Rechlin is unknown. According to Salaryexplorer, a photographer in Sweden makes about 34,200 SEK per month on average. As a well-known photographer, he may earn more than $36,421.20 each month.


He had worked as a video assistant on four episodes of the TV show Beck in 2007 and as a camera trainee on one episode in 2006. Last year, he acted as a cameraman for a short documentary film called Juck. The audience loved his photos.

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Meet Hjalmar Rechlin Instagram

Hjalmar Rechlin, a member of the National Socialist Movement, began his Instagram account under the username hjalmar.rachlin and amassed 1231 followers in February 2022. He was Frida’s professional cameraman after their divorce; there are many modeling photographs of her on his social media accounts.

Hjalmar is not very active on social networks according to his profile analysis. Since 2015, after Hjalmar married Frida, he has published a lot of material about her. However, he has begun posting regularly again recently.

Hjalmar Rechlin FAQs

  • When was Hjalmar Rechlin born?
  • The photographer has not disclosed his date of birth, so his age is unknown.
  • What is the net worth of Hjalmar Rechlin?
  • Hjalmar’s net worth has not been revealed, but as a well-known photographer, he may earn over $36,000 per month.
  • Is Hjalmar Rechlin married?
  • Hjalmar was married to Frida Gustavsson from 2015 to 2017. The couple divorced after two years of marriage.

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