Who Is Hélène Patarot, Ciarán Hinds’s Wife?

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Hélène Patarot is the French-Vietnamese actress who is best known as the wife of Ciarán Hinds, a Northern Irish actor. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Hinds is known for a range of screen and stage roles. In addition to this, born in France, she is a successful film producer who has worked on various films. She also cofounded production companies with her husband.

The couple have been together since the early 1990s and married in 2006. They have two daughters, Aoife and Abigail. Hélène is an avid supporter of many charities including Women for Women International and Save the Children. She also serves on the board of trustees of RADA alongside her husband.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She also loves to cook for friends and family. Hélène is a passionate advocate for the arts, children’s rights, and women’s empowerment. She is an inspiring example of how one woman can make a difference in the world. Keep reading to learn more about, Who Is Hélène Patarot, Ciarán Hinds’s Wife?

Hélène Patarot | Ciarán Hinds’s Wife

Hélène Patarot and her husband Ciarán Hinds lives in Paris. They met in 1987 while in the cast of Peter Brook’s production of The Mahabharata and have a daughter, Aoife Hinds, born 1991 in London (England), who is also an actor and has appeared in Derry Girls, Normal People, and Hellraiser.


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Hélène Patarot Age

Hélène Patarot age is 65 years old, as of 2022 while Hinds was born on 9 February 1953 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Raised as a Catholic which makes him 69 years old, as of 2022.

Hélène Patarot Height & Weight

How tall is Hélène Patarot? He is 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.67 m) or (167 cm). Her body weight is 71 Kg. Moreover, Ciarán Hinds height is 6 feet (1.80 m) or (180 cm).

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