Who Is Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff’s Husband?

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Zach Roloff is the husband of Tori Roloff. Moreover, The Little People, Big World star suffered a hand injury after falling down, his wife Tori revealed in an Instagram post on Sunday. He is on the road to recovery. The wife of Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff, posted a lengthy caption on Instagram Sunday regarding her husband’s hand injury.

“Zach is known as the hand man in these parts. He loves holding hands. You’ll always find him playing and inspecting my hands or our kids. It’s one of my favorite things about him and our kids love it too,” Tori, 31, began. The couple shares sons Jackson Kyle, 5, and 1-month-old Josiah Luke together, as well 2-year-old daughter Lilah Ray. Who Is Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff’s Husband?

Zach Roloff Married With Tori Roloff

Zach Roloff is an amazing husband and father! He is always there for Tori and Jackson, and he is always willing to help out around the house. He is an amazing cook, and he loves to play with Jackson. Zach is a great provider for his family, and he always makes sure that they have everything they need. They are so supportive of each other and always have each others’ backs.

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Zach Roloff And Tori Roloff Kids

On April 30, 2022, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff delivered their third child, son Josiah Luke. Tori is providing information about her newborn’s genetic disorder. According to reports, the 4-week-old son of Tori and Zach Roloff, named Josiah Luke, was born with achondroplasia.

While Tori is an average height, her siblings Jackson Kyle, 5, and Lilah Ray 2 , as well as her father Zach 32 , were all b e rn w ith achondroplasia. Last week, the Little People, Big World stars spoke to PEOPLE about baby Josiah and how he is settling into the family.


“They’re just both very concerned about where he is, what he’s doing,” she said of her two older children. “They take turns feeding him the bottle and want to bring him blankies and binkies.” Tori, 31, added that while her two older kids are great when it comes to caring for their newborn brother. As for whether they’ll add more kids in the future, Tori said it’s unlikely though not totally off the table.

“I’d never say never because already I can’t believe that those first few days are already over. This one’s been more emotional this time just because I went into it with the mindset that this is most likely our last baby,” she said.

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