Are Harry Jowsey And Charly Jordan Dating?


After being sighted hanging out together, Harry Jowsey and TikTok star Charly Jordan are fueling dating speculations. The couple was spotted dancing and making out in a club over the past weekend, and they’ve both been spending a lot of time together while Chris is in New York City. Are Harry Jowsey And Charly Jordan Dating?

Moreover, Harry is a reality television personality and social media model who became famous after competing on New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island. He referred to himself as Heartbreak Harry on the show, and he now has more than 3.9 million Instagram followers. Following her relationship with Adriana Lima, Jowsey was seen in Dubai in December 2021 with model Sveta Bilyalova, suggesting that he was looking for a girlfriend.

Are Harry Jowsey And Charly Jordan Dating?

Although the two were recently spotted canoodling on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, their romance status is unknown. Jowsey and Jordan appear to be more than simply friends, at any rate.

Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey Spotted Kissing

After being seen getting rather close at the club, Jowsey and Jordan continued to imply a relationship, with each other’s pictures shared across their respective social media sites.

TikTok videos of Jordan and Jowsey playing in the snow in New York City, the two even embracing before the clip comes to a close have been popular. Dave Portnoy said he saw Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan getting close.

The pair was first spotted together at Brian Capp’s television debut party in New York, which took place from October 13-15.

On the morning of the event, Portnoy stated that he planned to run into them during a live broadcast with his “BFFs Podcast” cohost Josh Richards. Portnoy claimed he informed them that he intended to “break” the story after seeing Jowsey sitting with his arm around Jordan at dinner. He stated that neither confirmed nor denied their relationship.

Charly Jordan‘s ex-boyfriend Tayler Holder is currently embroiled in a scandal.
Following TikToker Tayler Holder becoming the target of a large social media unfollowing campaign, which included Holder’s ex-girlfriend Jordan, rumors began to fly regarding Jordan and Jowsey’s connection.

Holder has been accused of sexual impropriety, even though nothing has been confirmed. Holder’s former acquaintances, including many of his former friends who had unfollowed him as the allegations became public, sent a slew of cease-and-desist letters.

In October 2020, Holder and Jordan first revealed their relationship, after Holder had broken up with model Sommer Ray in July.

They appeared to be progressing from strength to strength, until they announced their split in March 2021, during a reality program that Holder had been filming at the time.

Following their split, things deteriorated considerably when the two were caught in a very public quarrel after Jordan felt her side of the breakup hadn’t been fairly represented on TV.

Meanwhile, Holder had claimed that he’d given Jordan multiple chances to be involved with the show’s production. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the couple, but according to some rumors, they have remained on good terms ever since..

However, Holder is still widely regarded as a feminist hero, and many people still do. Meanwhile, since Jordan has decided to avoid the numerous sexual assault accusations that now follow Holder after initially defending him, but no victims have come forward against him.

Holder talked about why so many of his friends had turned against him on BFFs with the promise of revealing why so many of them had departed from him; however, the interview ended up being rather general.

Holder instead responded, “I’m going to be continued,” when pressed about the allegations. When asked if he’d take action, Holder continuously stated that the accusations would be handled “offline.”

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