A Complete Guide To Bennett’s Constellations: Genshin Impact

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Bennett is already a force at C0, with many Genshin Impact players wondering whether upgrading his Constellations was really worth it. A Complete Guide To Bennett’s Constellations: Genshin Impact.

Bennett, despite the fact that he has many more letters than Genshin Impact, is highly improbable that players will encounter another unit who’s as useful as Bennett anytime soon. Bennett has always been a popular favorite among fans, since his usefulness allows him to readily fit into most Genshin Impact teams. Bennett can heal, buff, generate energy, and even purify if necessary.

This can be done by earning any of the following: a Boost, Power-Up+, or Education Stat Booster. Players only need to get Bennett’s first Genshin Impact Constellation for him to be viable. This guide will assist Travelers in determining which ones are worth obtaining and which Constellation is not important.

Are Bennett’s Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact?

Without Constellations, Bennett is still one of the greatest Supports in Genshin Impact. That says a lot about how effective he can be in a team. His first Constellation is highly sought after, while his sixth is perhaps the most notorious and despised Constellation in Genshin Impact.

Overall, most of his Constellations are unspectacular, but fortunately he doesn’t require them to be at the top-tier Support position that he’s capable of being.

C1 – Grand Expectation

Effect: Fantastic Voyage’s attack boost has been increased to 20% of Bennett’s Base ATK, and there is no longer a restriction on its HP.

Importance: Priority

Bennett’s C1 ability has been significantly improved. He may now heal and buff his team freely, without restriction. It’s without a doubt his finest Genshin Impact Constellation. It makes him an excellent Support and a fantastic fit for any team composition.

C2 – Impasse Conqueror

Effect: Bennett’s Energy Recharge is increased by 30% when his HP falls below 70%.
Importance: Low

Bennett’s Constellation of regeneration, however, B2 Bennett raises his Energy Recharge, which can be useful in certain situations. The goal of this constellation is to ensure that Bennett never heals above 70%, allowing him to maintain a 30% reserve ER. That notion fails, though, since he may quickly heal past 70% HP.

C4 – Unexpected Odyssey

Effect: Using a Standard Attack while performing the second attack of Passion Overload’s Charge Level 1 allows for an additional hit to be taken. This additional hit does 135% of the second attack’s damage.
Importance: Negligible

Genshin Impact increases Bennett’s damage. It’s not necessary because as a Support, Bennett may already do so much while spending little time on the field, therefore giving him more playing time will always result in a lower DPS.

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C6 – Fire Ventures with Me

Effect: Bennett’s Elemental Burst causes equipped weapons to become imbued with Pyro. When characters using a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm inside Bennett’s Elemental Burst radius deal Pyro damage, they receive a 15% bonus in Pyro Damage and their weapons are empowered with fire.
Importance: Situational

Bennett is a sore subject, to say the least. Many players despise the forced infusion that this Constellation provides and therefore advise against upgrading it. While upgrading this Constellation restricts Bennett’s abilities, the boost may be beneficial to some characters, especially those who utilize the Pyro Vision.

For example, C6 Bennett’s buff can exceed Hu Tao’s bonus when her HP falls below 50%. Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in the works.

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