Who Is Fancy Dress Fashion Designer, Eva Arretxe Edad?


Eva Arretxe, a Spanish costume designer, died in 2020 after appearing in La Familia Perfecta. She is a costume designer who had established herself in the business and then split up. Her death was felt throughout the industry, which celebrated her achievements through various mediums to commemorate her life. Who Is Fancy Dress Fashion Designer, Eva Arretxe Edad?

Eva Arretxe Age at Death

In 2021, Arretxe will be dead, and her sister Asun will follow suit. She was also working on The Perfect Family before she died. Because she wasn’t active on social media, learning about her personal life and Edad was difficult. According to her appearance, the fashion designer appears to be in his fifties or sixties.

In 2020, Eva, the costume designer for La Familia Perfecta, committed suicide, leaving a trail of lonely companions and relatives. Her accomplishments in Drakens: The Greatest Robber and Under The Family were praised by even the most severe critics because to her creativity.

She also did not have an Instagram account or participate in other social media platforms while she was alive. The designer has shied away from the spotlight, avoiding publicity.

Eva Arretxe Bio

Eva Arretxe was a Kovak Box or The Wound designer who is not included on Wikipedia. Arretxe has a biography on Imbd, but her movies may be seen there as well. In 1991, she started her career as a bespoke designer. In 1991, Arretxe worked at El Rey del Rio as a first-time custom job. Before that, she had worked in the wardrobe and costume department of another production company.


She began her career as an assistant costume designer in 1991 when she was seen in La Noche mas Larga wearing one of his designs. She appeared as a customer in Super Juan: A Very Local Hero while working in Bordeaux from 2012 to 2016. She nevertheless worked as an art director on the 1994 short film “Procedimiento rutinario.” She served as a freelance designer on television programs, short films, and feature films until her death.

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Eva Arretxe Net Worth

Eva Arretxe was an actress who starred in many films and TV series. Her first role was in 1995 in the movie “El Rey del Oro.” We don’t know her net worth at the time of her death.

We estimate that it will exceed $100,000. Eva also worked on the documentary Cervantes the Search and was involved with 79 episodes of Derecho a Soar, which she created for 2019’s Derecho a Soar. She was an amazing woman who would be sorely missed.

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