Dynasty season 5 spoilers alert: Does Fallon die in Dynasty season 4?

Dynasty is no stranger to killing off a major character or bidding farewell to a large cast member in a dramatic overhaul. However, Dynasty season 5 has the potential to be one of the biggest jaw-droppers in The CW drama’s history.

Throughout the first four seasons, Fallon has been put in danger on numerous occasions, both when she was kidnapped and given bangs against her will or while physically opposed to an adversary. Until the season 4 finale, that is.

After the break, we’ll save the most important reveals for last, but it’s true. Many fans are curious about what will happen to Fallon in Dynasty season 5, and we will be given answers much sooner than later.

The fifth season of Dynasty will premiere on The CW on Monday, Dec. 20, taking a break from its usual slot before returning to Friday nights in March 2022. Season 5 will begin with the dramatic reveal of that cliffhangerous conclusion.

Does Fallon die in Dynasty season 5?

Fallon is shot by her former assistant Eva at the end of Dynasty season 4’s campaign gala, which causes her to collapse to the ground as her loved ones watch on. She clutches her wounded abdomen and falls to the ground as her people look on.

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It was a good move for Fallon to reveal that she’s the illegitimate child of oil baron Robert Blake, but it’s still unclear why he didn’t tell us sooner. The casual viewer would believe that Fallon has perished, but let’s all rejoice in this assurance: there is no way Dynasty could keep Fallon on the show. In that light, it’s a poor cliffhanger since who would think Dynasty could continue without Elizabeth Gillies?

Gillies has kept the mystique alive throughout Dynasty season 5’s filming, as there have been no behind-the-scenes photos of Fallon’s exquisite outfits since October 2021.

At the very least, we hope so. Fallon should not be too concerned. If anything, the shooting will push her down a new road, such as an unexpected pregnancy bombshell, continuing drama with Eva, or an official reunion with Liam… The possibilities for aftershocks are endless.

What do you think will happen next for Fallon in Dynasty season 5?

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