Who Is Domelipa Boyfriend In 2022: Know Her Hobbies

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A popular social media celebrity who is well-known for her domelipa TikTok channel, which has more than 48 million followers. She’s become a sensation for her choreographed lip-syncs and short vignettes of everyday life that have catapulted her to popularity. She became a member of the CheliHouse social community in June 2020.

Donelipa is single and looking for a boyfriend. She wants someone who is kind, understanding, and helpful. She also wants someone who is romantic and attentive. If you think you can be the right guy for her, then don’t hesitate to reach out to her. She would love to hear from you! Who Is Donelipa Boyfriend In 2022: Know Her Hobbies.

Who Is Donelipa’s Boyfriend?

Donelipa is full of energy and loves to have fun. She enjoys going out and doing activities with her friends. She is also a big fan of staying in and watching movies or playing video games. No matter what you choose to do, she’s sure to have a good time.

If you’re looking for someone who is outgoing and loving, then Donelipa is the girl for you. She would be a great girlfriend, and she would love to make you happy. So if you think you’re ready for a serious relationship, then don’t hesitate to reach out to her. You won’t regret it!


Moreover, she has been romantically linked to singer, Dekko. She was previously in a relationship with fellow TikToker Kevlex Pazmiño until mid-2020. She also previously dated Ílika Cruz, Ralf Morales, and Rodrigo Contreras.

Donelipa Social Meida Explored

Donelipa is a member of the Strangers Team, which is made up of other TikTok celebrities. She has over 15 million followers on her domelipa Instagram account and over 4.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She was featured on the cover of Tú magazine in December 2019 after winning an award for TikToker to Watch from the same publication a month before. She has several tattoos, including one that depicts the constellation of stars on her calf.

She was born and reared in Mexico. Her formal name is Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo. Norma, her mother, has made appearances in one of her YouTube videos titled “Tag de la Mamá.” Kevin and Gabriel are her brothers.


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She’s been linked to musician Dekko since 2017. She dated I’lika Cruz, Ralf Morales, and Rodrigo Contreras before breaking up with Pazmiño mid-2020. She previously dated Ilika Cruz, Ralf Morales., and Rodrigo Contreros.

Domelipa FAQs

Q: How can I contact Donelipa?

A: You can reach out to her by sending her a message on Instagram.

Q: What does Donelipa like in a boyfriend?

A: She wants someone who is kind, understanding, and helpful. She also wants someone who is romantic and attentive.

Q: What is Donelipa’s favorite hobby?

A: She loves to sing and listen to music.

Q: What are some of Donelipa’s hobbies?

A: She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going for walks, and watching movies.


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