Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals? Marvel character’s fate explored

The ambitious Eternals film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was one of the most recent features in the franchise, will premiere on Disney+ on January 12th 2022 following its November 2021 cinema run.

Nomadland director Chloe Zhao adapted a classic comic run by writer-artist Jack Kirby for the film, which is based on an Academy Award-winning documentary. Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals? Marvel character’s fate explored.

Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals?

Yes, Gilgamesh is slain off in order to allow Thena’s character development as the Eternals join up again. Eternals director Chloé Zhao explained why Gilgamesh’s death was important to Thena’s development in an Empire Online interview.

Mahd Wy’ry is an illness that causes Thena to lose her memories. To preserve her memories, Gilgamesh decides to defend Thena; but it is a hazardous decision.

As a result, Ikaris sacrifices herself to save the future from being destroyed. But Ikaris is saved by Gilgamesh before she can kill him, and he is subsequently killed in her place.

Ajak, the leader of the Eternals, was also slain by a Deviant; later it was revealed that Ikaris had sacrificed herself. This implies that Gilgamesh isn’t the first Eternal to perish since Ajak appears throughout the present-day narrative as though he were already dead.

Who is Gilgamesh from the Eternals?

The Eternals are artificially-created superpowered humanoids who are sent by the Celestials to apparently protect human beings from the monstrous creatures known as Deviants.

A group of ten Eternals arrive on Earth in 5000 BC in their spaceship the Domo and display their superpowers by battling their foes.

However, the Celestial known as Arishem reveals to Sersi that the Eternals’ true purpose is to prepare populated worlds for the “Emergence” – when the planting of a seed eventually evolves into a new Celestial.

Once their task is done – which comes at the price of mass extinction on the populated plants – the Eternals have their minds wiped and move onto the next planet for a new cycle.

After the return of half of the planet’s population in The Blip caused by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, Earth has reached the necessary population size for the Emergence.

They are immortal, do note age and have an array of superpowered abilities.

The Eternals who appear on Earth in the film are as follows, with their powers displayed beside them.

  • Ajak (Salma Hayek) – The ability to heal wounds and to communicate with the Celestials.
  • Sersi (Gemma Chan) – The ability to manipulate and transform matter and later has the ability to communicate with the Celestials.
  • Ikaris (Richard Madden) – The abilities to shoot cosmic beams from his eyes, flight and super-strength.
  • Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) – The ability to shoot cosmic energy from his hands.
  • Sprite (Lia McHugh) – The ability to project life-like illusions.
  • Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) – The ability of super-intelligence and a gifted inventor.
  • Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) – The ability of super-speed.
  • Druig (Barry Keoghan) – The ability to manipulate the minds of others.
  • Gilgamesh (Don Lee) – The ability of super-strength and the strongest Eternal.
  • Thena (Angelina Jolie) – The ability to create weapons out of cosmic energy and a powerful warrior.

An additional Eternal from the planet Titan is introduced in the end credits scene of the film, more on this below.

Who is the world’s most powerful doctor?

Who are the Deviants?

The Deviants were the Celestials’ initial batch of creatures commissioned to exterminate apex predators on populated planets in order to protect advanced life that was to be used in the “Emergence” process. When the Deviants began interbreeding with predators and attacking native populations, the Celestials called for the creation of the Eternals to combat them.

The majority of the Deviants are exterminated by the Eternals on Earth after hundreds of years, but Kro (voiced by Bill Skarsgard) evolves further after ingesting Ajak. Kro begins stealing the powers of his victims and leads the Deviants in a war against the Eternals.

Who are the Celestials?

The Celestials are the enormous god-like beings who have existed since the birth of the cosmos and possess tremendous power.

They are the creators of both the Eternals and Deviants, and their aim on inhabited planets is to seed them and nurture them with intelligent life on Earth until a new Celestial appears.

The master of the Eternals in the movie is Arishem (David Kaye), a Celestial known as the leader of the group of Celestials seen in the film. The organization’s goal is to restore balance to the cosmos. Nezarr, Jemiah, and Hargen are other Marvel Comics Celestials that appear in the film.

The Celestial that tries to break through Earth in the film but is thwarted by the Eternals is Tiamut, also known as “The King of Heaven.”

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Who dies in Marvel’s Eternals?

The group’s leader, Ajak, is the first to fall in Eternals, whose death appears to have been caused by the Deviants but was carried out by Ikaris who wanted to bring an end to her efforts to prevent the Emergence.

Ikaris gave Ajak to the Deviants six days before the film’s main events, and then placed her corpse in her ranch house so that the Eternals would find it later. Another important character who is killed is Gilgamesh, who is slain by Kro, the evolved Deviant leader, in the Amazon rainforest after the heroes.

Ikaris was ultimately overcome with guilt and committed suicide by diving into the sun after his betrayal of his fellow Eternals to serve the Celestials and revelation that he had murdered Ajak himself.

Does Ikaris die in Eternals?

Ikaris did, in fact, perish, despite some uncertainty over the character’s fate. “It started out as a banishment that I feel gradually transformed into something definitive throughout the course of production,” screenwriter Kaz Firpo told

“It really is a moment of saying, ‘It’s sacrifice.’ It’s sort of saying, ‘I can’t serve the Eternals. If I can’t serve the Celestials, and I can’t be with my family, then I choose this third option,’ which — for him — really is oblivion. So yeah, he dead.”

RIP, Ikaris.

What happens to Sprite?

Following the revelation that Ikaris had murdered Ajak to help bring about the Emergence and remained loyal to Arishem, Sprite sided with her unrequited love Ikaris.

Finally, Sprite clashes with and battles her former best buddy Sersi, who she has always envied, and eventually joins Ikaris in combining the powers of all remaining Eternals with the Uni-Mind to stop the Emergence.

Sprite asks Sersi to transform Sprite into a person rather than an adolescent after Ikaris’ death, so she is no longer perenially a kid. Sprite receives her request and becomes human.

Sprite is last seen as she goes to school and appears to be living a normal human existence.

What happens to Thena, Makkari and Druig?

The Eternals on Earth divided into two factions at the conclusion of the film. Thena, Makkari, and Druig decide to depart in the Domo, a spaceship designed for long-distance exploration, in order to discover more Eternals on other planets and perhaps avert future catastrophes.

The group appear to have a rudimentary knowledge of what happens to their fellow Eternals on Earth after they leave, as revealed at the conclusion credits sequence.

What happens to Sersi, Kingo and Phastos?

Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos return to their lives on Earth after the other three Eternals depart for space. With his valet Karun (Harish Patel), Kingo plans to resume his career as a Bollywood actor. Phastos returns with Ben (Haaz Sleiman) and their son Jack (Esai Daniel Cross) to his life as a middle-class family in Washington DC.

Sersi returns to her job as a museum curator, and she walks with boyfriend Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) when he professes his love for her. When Sersi is drawn into space by Arishem, along with Kingo and Phastos, Dane begins to tell her something about his family history.

The Celestial disappears into a singularity, taking Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos with him.

The final shot is of Dane looking anguished at what has happened to Sersi.

Are there end credits scenes to the film?

The three Eternals in Eternals have a mid-credits and post-credits scene. The first sequence shows the three Eternals on the Domo planet speculating about what happened to their friends on Earth as they are greeted by two visitors: Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt) and an Eternal from Titan named Eros (Harry Styles), Thanos’ brother.

The second end credit sequence depicts Dane opening a coffin to reveal an ancient knife, which he believes will help him locate Sersi. As Dane comes in contact with the blade, an off-screen voice asks if he is prepared.

For more information on the event featuring the voice and the Ebony Blade, see this explainer article.

What was the Eternals’ alternate ending?

The end of the film was originally far worse, according to director Chloe Zhao. The two Eternals’ cliffhangers would have been changed to a single ending instead in which they all faced a terrible future.

It appears that the audience reaction influenced the ending, with Harry Styles getting a far more powerful introduction as Eros/Starfox instead of being introduced as a new Eternal with the mind-wiped crew on the Domo at the end of the movie as was originally planned.

Will there be an Eternals sequel?

A sequel to Eternals has yet to be confirmed. However, the future of the Eternals in the MCU has already been addressed.

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