Who Is Internet Star Digital Princess: What She Did?

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Digital Princess is a popular TikTok and YouTube content creator who has amassed a large following online. She is known for her creative and unique videos, which often feature her singing and dancing. Digital Princess has also released several singles, which have become popular among her fans. In addition to her online presence, Digital Princess is also an accomplished dancer and has appeared in music videos for various artists.

Following her comeback on social media, TikToker Digital Princess is under attack. Due to child neglect, the adult content creator was detained. She is being criticized for uploading her “statement” to OF as she attempts to return to her normal posting schedule. Followers of the Pokemon fanatic will have to pay $4.99 to view said statement. Who Is Internet Star Digital Princess: What She Did?

Internet Star Digital Princess: Real Name

Digital Princess real name is Marissa Cloutier. The internet’s double-edged sword is that personal information sometimes leaks online. After going viral for data she probably didn’t want to share, Digital Princxss, real name Marissa Cloutier, understands all too well.

Digital Princxss Arrest

On Aug. 27, 2021, Allison published a tweet aimed at Marissa with the following message. “Why is @digitalprincxss trying so hard to cover up that she was arrested for leaving her son home alone while she went out with friends and her neighbors found him alone and crying #marissacloutier #pokeprincxss #digitalprincxss stop letting rich people cover up their s—y doings.”

The Instagram post linked to Marissa’s mugshot and arrest records from her previous neglect of a kid case. The post rapidly went viral, prompting Digital Princss to respond with a TikTok as follows: “Yes, she was arrested; however, not everything you see on the internet is accurate.”


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“I know there are a lot of things being posted online, and they are very much out of context and very much untrue. Please do not believe everything that you would read on the internet.”

Digital Princxss’ former supporters responded by posting tweets expressing their anger and distaste. Marissa promptly deleted all of her social media accounts after releasing a TikTok refutation of the Tweet within 24 hours. Marissa allegedly posted an Instagram story before shutting down her social media accounts, refuting reports that her son had been taken away from her care, but one user spots a “supervising” adult in the background.

Digital Princess On Social Media

Digital Princess is an American social media star and content creator. She has built a large online following by posting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content to her YouTube channel and Instagram account. She is known for her stylish outfits and creative makeup looks. She often collaborates with other YouTubers and brands on her channel. Her videos have been featured on major publications like Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

In addition to her online presence, Digital Princess has also worked as a model and actress. She has appeared in commercials and music videos. Her work has earned her a loyal fan base who appreciate her sense of style and positive attitude.

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