Who Is Dan Whitlam, Sex Education Actress, Emma Mackey’s Boyfriend?


Dan Whitlam is the rumoured boyfriend of, Emma Mackey, a French-British actress who is best known for playing Maeve Wiley in, ‘Sex Education’. In addition to being Mackey’s rumored boyfriend, Whitlam is also a talented actor. As a performing actor, he often performs in productions as a part of the London theater community. He studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Meet Dan Whitlam | Emma Mackey’s Boyfriend

Emma Mackey and Dan Whitlam are dating since, 2019. They first seen in Cannes Film Festival. A few months ago, Mackey and Whitlam shocked the internet by revealing their relationship on Instagram on the same day as they announced their engagement.

By profession, Dan Whitlam is also a talented actor. As per his education, he studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and is an active member of the London theater society.

Dan Whitlam Profession & Career Explored

Dan Whitlam’s talents include not only acting in plays and plays in the theatre, but also playing the piano and saxophone. Instead, he is an athlete, a dancer, a singer, a sportsman, and even a freestyle rapper and poet.


Despite the harrowing experience, Whitlam was able to use his experience to his advantage and further his career as an actor – and he is an inspirational example of resilience and determination.

Clearly, their relationship is something neither of them is willing to talk about, yet their chemistry and closeness in photos speaks for itself. Despite their reticence to discuss it, their strong bond is evident through their connection in photos.

Who Is Emma Mackey?

Emma Mackey was born in Le Mans. Her father is of, French ethnicity and her mother is of English descent. Her father is a school headmaster. Mackey made her breakthrough performance as Emily Brontë in the 2022 biopic, “Emily”, which highlighted Brontë’s formative years. She will next star in the live-action adaptation of Mattel’s Barbie franchise that is set to release in 2023.

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