All About Dralin Carswell, Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend

Alana Thompson, the girlfriend of Dralin Carswell, is a reality television show star who had recently appeared in the current episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot on We Tv. Thompson is a member of the cast of Mama June: From Not to Hot. Brandilyn Snail and Gina Rodriguez are her talent and management agent, respectively.

Thompson will complete her education in 2019, according to Mama June. She has linked up with her beau Dralin and chosen to live her life with him. It’s possible that she was reacting to the backlash by turning off notifications on Instagram. All About Dralin Carswell, Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend.

Alana Thompson Boyfriend: Dralin Carswell

Carswell is Alana’s devoted lover and is now 20 years old. He was born in 2002 or thereabout. Carswell is a lovely boyfriend of dancer Alana, and he may be around 20 years old. The young man, who appears to capture gorgeous times in the park with his girlfriend, is a loving individual in Alana’s life. He has changed her life for the better on reality television.

Dralin is a member of Tech School in Nashville, where he obtained his higher education. Carswell appears to avoid social media sites while analyzing Alana’s profile. She hasn’t included her love in the Instagram post. On April 16, Thompson discussed her love life on social media. She has exposed the love of her life to the world. Recently, it appeared that Thompson’s heart had been captured by a boy, and he remained near Alana. He had grown close with Lauryn Shannon over time.

The pair has made it official in recent years. Thompson supporters have been critical of their relationship, even though the couple appears to be lovely. They were worried about the connection between high school and college students.

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Alana Thompson And Darlin Carswell’s Age Gap

Thompson and Darlin have a four-year age gap. Thompson’s relationship has been questioned because of her connection with university-level students. Currently, television star Thompson is 16 years old, whereas her relationship is 20 years old.

The couple has acquired hatred from the public after making the connection with Carswell on a public venue. Some, on the other hand, shower the pair with adoration. Shannon addressed the issue in her appearance on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a reality show about family life in Georgia.

Mama June has revealed her feelings toward dating Darlin, who is older than her daughter. She has backed her child’s choice. In addition, Pumpkin and Josh have the same age gap, yet their mothers are fine with it.

In an interracial relationship, love birds were disliked. Another issue is whether Alana is older than Mama June. However, Mama June has stated that Alana is not a six-to-seven-year-old kid who falls for a 11-year-old boy.

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