Cynthia Astley (Rick Astley’s Mom) Wiki, Biography, Husband and Son

Cynthia Astley was the mother of Rick Astley who is an English singer who has been active in music for several decades. He gained worldwide fame in the 1980s. He became a musician after leaving school, as the drummer for the soul band FBI, born and raised in Lancashire. Before his father passed away last year, Rick Astley disclosed that they had not spoken for 25 years because of the singer’s tumultuous relationship with him.

Who was Cynthia Astley?

Cynthia Astley was very close with Rick Astley and when Cynthia, passed away in 2022, Rick underwent ‘many years of therapy’, to understand his relationship with his parents as well as the end of many tumultuous chapters. The singer decided to open up about his upbringing and family “because they are both gone.” Rick said about his parents,


“He was such a complicated person and, when my daughter Emilie was born, I decided I didn’t want that complication in her life.”

Cynthia Astley husband

Cynthia Astley was married with Horace Astley. Couple divorced when Rick was five and Astley was brought up by his father Horace Astley. Rick remained in very close contact with his mother Cynthia Astley, who lived a few streets away from his father.

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After finding out that his father was the one who kicked his mother out of the house, Astley distanced himself from his father. When he was 10 years old, Astley began singing in a local church choir, which began his love of music. Rick further stated,

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“I’m sure people who have complicated relationships with a parent will understand… The only regret is that I didn’t have a dad who wasn’t like that.”

Who is Rick Astley?

Born and raised in Lancashire, Rick gained international recognition in the 1980s with his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. He was only 21 years old when he met his wife Lene Astley and they weren’t officially dating until 1989. The couple’s daughter Emilie was born in 1992; she is believed to be a landscape gardener in Denmark.

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