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Cat Janice was an American singer-songwriter who began writing her music around the age of 12, and she later taught herself how to produce her own music. She passed away on February 28, 2024 in Annandale, Virginia, U.S. at the age of 31. She was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a rare aggressive type of cancerous tumor. Her brother, Cubby Janice confirmed her death via Instagram and wrote,

“My dear big sister. My Catherine. My yah yah. People often point to a singer, athlete, entrepreneur, etc. and say “That’s my idol” but for me, it’s always been my big sister. I’ve been blessed to have my idol be my mentor through my whole life. Catherine was my piano teacher, my studio mate, my source of wisdom, and my highest inspiration. All my best ideas have had her special touch graced upon it.

Through thick and thin and tons of sibling arguments, I always knew that Catherine only wanted what’s best for both of us. She never feared calling me out when I wasn’t living up to the full potential of my character. She’d expose it, criticize it, and let me know exactly how she wanted me to change.

Despite all the tension in those moments, there’s an overwhelming sense of understanding knowing that my sister stuck up for herself. Anyone who knows her well experienced the same. She wasn’t interested in entertaining fake friends, whether or not they had something to offer her.

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She has no interest in playing politics just to get what she needed. She held the people around her to the same level of loyalty that she offered them and let me tell you, that loyalty was deep.

It’s harrowing to have to face the next chapter of life without her. Without my mentor. My inspiration. My goal setter. The one who never gave me a break because she always knew I could do better. Any time I brought her a song, she would rip it a part and build it back up again to make it a piece of art that I was proud of. It’s a sibling dynamic that I’ll forever thank God for.

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In part of her final letter for me, she wrote:

“Thank you for being my ride or ride, my bff, wild ride, down to go all out. My life would never be the same without you. Little Cubby, so curious about it all, always ready to crack a joke and bring joy to us all. My little Cubby has so much of his life ahead and I’ll be watching from the heaven dimension, sitting with God, pressing on my olive tattoo, trying to get you to feel it ♥️” I ask two things of you…

  1. Keep streaming Cat Janice
  2. Pray that our family experiences the same peace that Catherine is experiencing right now in heaven. Especially Loren.

With Love,

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Who Is Cubby Janice?

Cubby Janice is best recognized as the brother of Cat Janice. He is 29 years old, in 2024. He was born in Northern Virginia, and was raised in Annandale. He also learned to play violin and piano with his sister, Janice. Not much is known about his parents. He is very close to his sister and also launched a GoFundMe to support her financially.

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“As many of you know, my sister @cat.janice has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Those who know her know that she’s a warrior, but it takes an army to win this war.

We’ve launched a GoFundMe to support her financially. As you can imagine, the financial burden of cancer is overwhelming. While insurance helps, there are still deductibles, hotel stays in New York, transportation, food, and other expenses that have severely inconvenienced her. If you feel encouraged to support her financially, you can find the GoFundMe in my bio where you’ll learn more about her situation and contribute. Any amount is a huge blessing!”


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