How Old Is Christopher Hodgson? Parents, Wiki, Bio, Facts

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Christopher Hodgson is the only son of Roy Hodgson and Sheila Hodgson. His father has risen to fame over the decades for his career in football management. Christopher is a co-founder of real estate firm the Prestige Realty Group.

His co-founding of the real estate company Prestige Realty Group proves that success must run in the family. Not only did he successfully build the group from the ground up, but he also headed up to expand its operations across multiple cities, making it one of the most reputable real estate firms in the country.

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He has succeeded in business without his father’s football background due to his entrepreneurial attitude. His real estate company known for its excellent service and competence. Christopher’s hard work and passion have shown that he has the same drive and ambition as his famous father.

Christopher Hodgson Age

Christopher Hodgson age is 50 years old, as of 2024. He has not shared his exact birth details. His parents tied knot in 1971. His grandfather is a former trade union official.

His mom, Sheila Hodgson worked as both a primary school teacher and bank clerk before she tied the knot with Roy Hodgson. He always saw his parents supporting each other.

Who Are Christopher’s Grandparents?

Christopher Hodgson’s grandmother was a baker in the town, and his grandfather, Bill, a Newcastle United fan, worked as a bus driver south of the River Thames.

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Hodgson’s family lived in the same building as Steve Kember, one of Hodgson’s schoolmates at John Ruskin Grammar School. They played school football with Lennie Lawrence. In the sixth form, Bob Houghton, who would later influence Hodgson, entered the school.

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Christopher Hodgson Parents

Christopher Hodgson’s father, Roy has managed 22 different teams in eight countries, beginning in Sweden with Halmstad in the 1976 season. Hodgson has also held managerial positions at Inter Milan, Watford, Blackburn Rovers, Malmö, Grasshoppers, Copenhagen, Udinese, Fulham, Liverpool, and West Bromwich Albion.

His mother, Sheila Hodgson was born in Liverpool. She is said to have been an Everton fan originally and ended up moving to Croydon along with her family.


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