Chinya Onyewenjo Wiki: Frank Farian’s Ex-Wife

Chinya Onyewenjo was the partner of Frank Farian, a German singer and record producer who founded the 1970s disco-pop group Boney M. During his career span, he sold over 850 million records and earned 800 gold and platinum certifications. He died peacefully in his apartment in Miami, Florida on 23 January 2024 at the age of 82. Family released a statement and confirmed to People mag, “he had died peacefully at his home in Miami, Florida.”

Who Is Chinya Onyewenjo?

Chinya Onyewenjo and Frank Farian was married for over 20 years and then couple parted their ways. They had a son together. Couple also had a daughter named, Yanina sang and she appeared with Frank in 2021 on a cover of “Cherish” by Kool & the Gang. Farian resided in Miami, Florida in the United States.

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Not much detailed information is known about Chinya Onyewenjo. She keeps her life very private after her divorce with Frank Farian.

Moreover, Frank Farian had also dated Ingrid Milli Segieth, 69, told Bild that she had visited Farian in Miami over the New Year. She said,

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‘Frank was physically very weak, but was still full of energy. He was still sitting in the recording studio all day, working on new music.’

– Ingrid Milli Segieth
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Who Was Frank Farian?

Farian, whose real name was Franz Reuther who was a record producer and vocalist. He was also known by his aliases ZambiG and MartFMP. Born on July 18, 1941 in Kirn, Germany, Farian had a long and successful career spanning from 1958 to 2024.

His mother raised him and his two siblings. His father had died in World War II before he was born. After calling himself Frank Farian and joining the band Frankie Boys Schatten, he began his career as a cook before falling in love with rock & roll.

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