Meet Gary Graham’s Wife Becky Graham and Daughter Haylee Graham

Becky Graham is the present wife of Gary Graham when he passed away on January 22, 2024. His wife and daughter Haylee Graham was his side at his last time. Haylee pay tribute to her father and wrote on Facebook, ‘My dad was such a star. ⭐️❤️🙏’.

Becky told The Hollywood Reporter that Gary died of cardiac arrest at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. She and Gary Graham was married for over 25 years.

Gary had been battling heart problems for several years, but his sudden passing still came as a shock to their family and friends. She fondly remembered their time together describing Gary as a loving husband and a dedicated father to her daughter, Haylee Graham.

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She expressed gratitude for the support they had received during this difficult time and requested privacy for their family as they grieved the loss of a remarkable man. Also, in a Facebook post, Susan Lavelle, his ex-wife, confirmed the news.

Becky Graham and Gary Graham marriage

Becky Graham and Gary Graham were married for over five decades and she was married Gary till his last breathe, in 2024. Gary was best known for starring in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, ‘Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2007)’ and ‘Star Trek: Renegades’ from 2015-17. He also made appearances in a number of Star Trek productions and movies, including ‘Hardcore’ and ‘All the Right Moves’.

Gary Graham fans also pay condolences and tribute to him on social media platforms. One user wrote, ‘I am sorry for your loss 😢🙏🏼 Prayers going your way and specially to your daughter 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼’.


Another fan wrote, ‘My condolences, I pray for the Lord to give u and ur daughter the strength to carry on. Stay safe and remain bless..’.

Third user wrote, ‘I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. He was a real one. And an great friend. Sending all my love to you and your family.’

Who Is Haylee Graham, Gary Graham’s Daughter?

Haylee Graham is the daughter of Gary Graham and grief over her dad’s loss and shared several posts remembering him on Facebook. In one of her post she wrote,

“This hurts like something I’ve never felt before, please tell your parents you love them. God has made Himself known through all of this in such amazing ways and I know you are smiling this big with Jesus by your side. May angels bring you in. I love you so much Dad.

She further said, I am not ready to lose you Daddio I got so many people praying for a miracle for you but I am trusting the Lord nonetheless just like you’d want me to

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My dad is being taken off life support soon I appreciate everyone reaching out and your sympathies…thank you so much…but I ask that everyone instead just take this opportunity, this very moment, to tell your parents you love them. If they want to see you please go see them. If they miss you please make time for them. I’ve read posts about people losing their parents and you never think it’ll happen to you and then suddenly it does. This wasn’t anticipated, it came out of nowhere. I had promised my dad I’d be visiting in spring.

Regardless of this God had been so merciful and kind to me, having prepared me this whole past month for this sudden moment in ways that I will explain later. My dad had so much more he wanted to do but I rest in the fact that he will be in the eternal kingdom and have much more to do there. I am praising God in my grief and am so grateful that he afforded me the opportunity to give my dad, a lifelong actor, his final role in “Planted” a film that I wrote. I will post in more length when I am able but for now this is all I can muster. He is with his Savior now”

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