MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 Release Date Confirmed

The Challenge Season 38 cast was also revealed, along with news about the series. The Challenge: War of the Worlds is set to combine three international Challenge seasons as well as the new CBS program, which is a spinoff of MTV’s flagship show. According to rumors, however, the cast of The Challenge: War of the Worlds will not include any former MTV competitors.

“I was told two weeks ago that MTV is not eligible for the CBS show — we will see though,” GamerVev tweeted about the cast for the new series, according to Reddit. “I expect only CBS cast.”

We’re excited to learn more about the next season. The Challenge Season 38 release date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to begin production in May 2022.

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MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 38 Cast Explored

The Challenge Season 37 cast included 17 international players, as well as a slew of newcomers. The number of new rookie players polarizes fans, who enjoy seeing the veterans compete.

In the end, the veterans united and picked off the rookies one by one throughout the season. Many fans are hoping to see some of those previous rookies return in The Challenge Season 38 cast, which is now being aired on MTV.

So, what’s the status of the cast for the next season? According to The Challenge spoiler guru GamerVev, it appears that fans will receive another season with a diverse group of new players to get acquainted with.

“The Challenge 38 will have eight MTV cast members and 30 CBS/Internationals too,” GamerVev tweeted, according to Reddit. “They started interviewing the rookies this week. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if half the cast for 38 are rookies.”

In Conclusion

Fans are impatient to learn who will be joining MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 cast. Although the network has not yet announced the forthcoming season, there is a lot of talk about who viewers will see in the next era of the flagship series.

According to spoiler reports, The Challenge Season 38 cast will include a number of fresh players, much like as with The Challenge Season 37.

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