Who was Carl Sutton in Outer Banks and what happened to her?

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Outer Banks, a Netflix teen drama set in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, follows a group of teens divided between the haves and have-nots. The Kooks are regarded as the kings and queens of the island due to their parents’ and backgrounds, while the Pogues are attempting to break into new lives for themselves by climbing up the food chain.

The Cut is a drama based on the teenage lives of six Pogue teens who live at The Cut and are determined to find out what happened to John B’s (Chase Stokes) absent father.

Along the road, the crew uncovers a legendary treasure connected with John B’s father that had been lost for centuries. The second season has finally arrived, and in it, the cast and crew pay tribute to a beloved actor who died suddenly. Here’s why the series pays homage to her.

‘RIP’ Carol Sutton ‘Outer Banks’ pays tribute

In Season 2 of Outer Banks, Pope (Jonathan Daviss) is on a mission to learn more about his family’s history.

Pope uncovers a key that was hidden in his grandmother’s ceiling and wants to know where it comes from. Carol meets viewers when Pope visits his Mee-Maw (Carol Sutton) in an assisted living facility as part of this journey.

Mee-Maw was hesitant to speak with Pope about the key at first, but she eventually acknowledged that it had been owned by Denmark Tanny, an ancestor of the family whose tragic and illustrious history has generated more than just a treasure hunt.

For years, Mee-Maw has kept her great-grandson’s shocking family secret: the mysterious key he is searching for.

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Mayor LaToya Cantrell also paid tribute the late Carol Sutton

Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans celebrated and complimented the award-winning actress on Facebook.

“Carol Sutton was almost the Queen of New Orleans theater, having graced the stages across the city for decades,” she wrote on Twitter. “Whether it’s Treme or Claws, Runaway Jury or Queen Sugar, or any other show, she is known to millions all over the world.”

But we’ll always remember her commanding stage presence, fully realized characters, and the generous heart she shared with her fellow cast and crew in shows such as 4000 Miles and A Raisin in the Sun. May she find peace in God’s loving arms.”

It’s clear that she was and will be greatly missed by all she knew and everyone she has interacted with.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks are streaming on Netflix now.

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