Can you buy tickets for Passion Conference 2023?

The Passion 2022 conference has come to a close, and TikTok videos of influencers congregating in post-festival celebration have gone viral. Is it too early to buy Passion Conference 2023 tickets? And how old do you have to be to attend the event?

Can you buy tickets for Passion Conference 2023 already?

Not yet, the short answer is. However, you may join the first to purchase tickets for Passion 2023.

Get notifications from Passion Conferences by going to the website for Passion 2023 and filling in your details (name, email address, and contact phone number).

You’ll be placed on the waiting list once you’ve completed your responses. You’ll be informed when tickets to the 2023 event become available.

How much are Passion tickets?

The final batch of Passion Conference tickets cost $165 plus a booking/admin. charge of $6.12, according to the website.

The fee is charged to every ticket, not just to each order. You may enter a coupon code on the ticket purchase screen if you have one.

Another document, which is also available on the official website, states that hold-ups in the payment process will result in your ticket being invalidated and you will be refunded. It also gives information about the organisers’ cancellation policy, as well as explaining that Passion 2022 tickets (and, one would assume, Passion 2023 tickets) are non-refundable but transferrable to someone else.

However, as the event drew closer, prices increased – Passion 2022 tickets were $99 on March 4; they subsequently rose to $119 on July 8. When does the price of Passion 2023 tickets first go on sale?

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