Why Did Bubz Divorce? Her New Boyfriend In 2024

Bubz is known for her fashion videos on Bubbiosity, Bubzbeauty and BubzVlogz. She is of Chinese and Irish descent. She began her channel on 7 Aug 2007. She has more than 2.77M subscribers on her ‘Bubzbeauty‘ YouTube channel and her bio read as,

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“Hi, I’m Lindy! I am a Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger. Join me as I navigate this journey we call life and keep up with our little daily doses of happiness. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so we can continue to put a smile on your face. Do make new friends with fellow Bubscribers. I promise you they are the sweetest bunch ever! If you enjoyed today’s vlog, don’t forget to give it a LIKE.”

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Bubz married life

Bubz was married with her longtime partner, Tim Ng, on August 10, 2013. Tim first appeared in one of his wife’s YouTube vlogs on October 16, 2010 in the first video posted to her ‘BubzVlogs’ channel.

She and Tim welcomed a son named Isaac a year later. In 2017, couple had a daughter named Ayla. She and Tim separated in 2020 and the behind their divorce is till kept under limelight.

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After couple’s separation, Bubz became successful businesswoman after launching her own line of cosmetics and accessories for clothing and accessories. Her net worth is at $5M, as of 2024.

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Bubz dating in 2024

Bubz is in relationship with a guy named, Ricky. She announced her engagement to Ricky aka RG in December 2023. They had been dating for over a year and their relationship had grown stronger with time.

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She couldn’t contain her excitement as she proudly showed off her dazzling engagement ring to family and friends. The couple had already started planning their dream wedding.

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Bubz is blessed with three kids

Bubz has three kids named, Tim, Isaac and Ayla. She is very close to her kids especially her daughter. She wrote a sweet note for her daughter on Instagram,

“Yesterday I got to witness my daughter do her second dance showcase with @activedansa and my heart is still bursting with love. I can’t explain how much it heals my inner child to see art be so celebrated. I was in puddles of tears within a minute of the show starting. Seeing the children move and dance with confidence reminds me to be more present and free and that I should dance with life’s melody.

Thankful for the incredible teachers (especially @nicole_reynoldss and @marionaapg )who protect and nurture Ayla’s love for dance. She can be awfully shy on stage but I see how much she has come out of her shell. May we keep supporting our little ones dreams. Well done Ayla! I can’t wait to see you blossom more and more as dancer. Also, 7 days until Christmas!!!!! #proudmummy #dancemum #lindytsang #bubzvlogz #thankyou #activedansa”

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She has also recently celebrated her son’s Isaac birthday on December 7, 2023,

“Last week as we all sat in the living room, Isaac asked me where are my presents under the Christmas tree. I told him I have absolutely everything I need to be happy. He asked what about my birthday. Jokingly I asked him what he was getting me. RG suggests “let’s all get mummy a present together” but he said he wanted to get a present himself. I didn’t think much of it and later that night as we were getting ready to go to bed, Isaac came to me with his money box and his iPad loaded on @amazon . “Mummy, I want to buy you this!”

He says as he points to a little glass bear. I told him the gesture was more than enough but he was so adamant that I agreed to order. He passed me £10 and told me to keep the change and this time I was adamant to pass back his £4 change. Days went on and I kind of forgotten about it since packages had been arriving everyday.

One day I saw an Amazon package arrived and I assumed it was the flask I ordered for Aylas Christmas present and it was just the most lovely surprise. I can’t describe how much this little bear means to me and I will always hold it close to my heart. Thank you for being my safe person, Isaac. I’m so thankful to be you and Ayla’s mummy and that will always be my greatest gift. #happybirthdaytome #37 #thankful #itsbubz #proudmum”

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