Who Is Lindsay De Marco? All About Nick Faldo’s Current Wife

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Lindsay De Marco is best known as the fourth wife of Nick Faldo, who is an English professional golfer and television commentator. They announced their engagement on social media. It was the Lindsay’s seventh marriage and make her Sir Nick Faldo’s fourth marriage.

Lindsay De Marco’s biography

Lindsay De Marco is the former topless dancer. In 2012, she was also named Mrs Conservative US. She was backed by a former manager of a bar she used to work at although she denied this. Later, she worked as a manager for one of Mr Heine’s businesses which was raided by drugs officers. He denied any wrongdoing and the charges were dropped.

How old is Lindsay De Marco?

Lindsay De Marco age is 60 years old, as per Dailymail. She was born in 1963. Her husband Nick Faldo age is 66 years old. He was born on 18 July 1957 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England.

lindsay-de-marco-husband's-wife (3)
Sir Nick with his second wife and manager’s secretary Gill

Lindsay De Marco and Nick Faldo Marriage

When Nick Faldo was 21, he met his first wife, Melanie Rockall. They married in 1979 but less than five years later, she learned that he was cheating on her with his manager’s secretary, Gill Bennett. “We were happily married for eight months,” Faldo recalled of his marriage to Rockall.

lindsay-de-marco-husband's-wife (2)
Sir Nick with his first wife Melanie

Rockall’s divorce from Faldo took place before his major championship success and her settlement was modest. He married Bennett in 1986 and the pair had three children named, Natalie, Matthew, and Georgia. When Faldo relocated to the United States full-time on the PGA tour in 1995, Bennett stayed in England.

The marriage came to an end later that year following Faldo’s connection with 20-year-old American golfing student Brenna Cepelak. Gill Bennett later stated that their three children were induced to avoid any potential conflicts with Faldo’s professional career. “Socially, he was a 24 handicap,” she added of Faldo.


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Faldo’s three-year affair with Cepelak ended when he met Valerie Bercher. The spurned Cepelak famously battered Faldo’s Porsche 959 with a golf club, reportedly causing damage of £10,000. While Chris Faldo was coaching at the University of St Andrews, his wife Bernadette met with a tennis pro named Dominic Bercher.

lindsay-de-marco-husband's-wife (1)
Sir Nick and his third wife Valerie

In 1998, during the European Masters golf tournament in Switzerland, they first met. At the time, Bercher was working for IMG Sports Marketing. She abandoned her fiancé Olivier Delaloye and married Faldo in July 2001 in a lavish ceremony at his Windsor home.

Emma Scarlet is their daughter (born 2003). On May 13, 2006, it was announced that Faldo had filed for divorce. After their wedding at Kensington Palace had to be postponed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, Faldo married his fourth wife Lindsay De Marco in December 2020 in the Florida Keys.

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Lindsay De Marco FAQs

  • What is Lindsay De Marco’s full name?
  • Her full name is Lindsay Anne de Marco.
  • What is Lindsay De Marco’s job?
  • There is no information about her job.
  • What is Lindsay De Marco’s net worth?
  • Information about her net worth has not been revealed yet.
  • When did Lindsay De Marco marry Nick Faldo?
  • They got married in December 2020.
  • Where does Lindsay De Marco live?
  • She lives in the USA with her husband.
  • How many children does Nick Faldo have?
  • He has six children from his previous marriages.


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