Where Is Bryce Laspisa Now: Is She Found?

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Bryce was born in Springfield, Illinois, on 30 April 1994; he is a Taurus and has American citizenship. On his way to see his parents’ home, Bryce vanished on 30 August 2013 and has yet to be located. Bryce Laspisa grew up in Springfield as an only child, his parents being Michael Laspisa and Karen.

They were already in their fifties when they became parents to Bryce, and retired at roughly the same period. He was an average student who got good grades and was active in numerous activities, including sports. He grew up being interested in a variety of art forms, particularly painting and photography, and he also had a large social circle during his elementary years at Naperville North Elementary School.

While he was in high school, the family relocated to Laguna Niguel, California, where they still live. He then moved away from his parents to Chico, California, and enrolled at Sierra College to study graphic and industrial design but only lasted two semesters before disappearing. Where Is Bryce Laspisa Now: Is She Found?

Bryce Laspisa Now

On the morning of August 29, 2013, Bryce got into his car and began driving to his parents’ house, which was supposed to take three hours. The last time his mother had spoke with him was at 2 a.m. on August 30th, when he phoned her and informed her that he would have to pull over in the Sierra Pelona Mountains adjacent to Interstate 5. On April 14th, detectives arrived at their home to inform them that Bryce’s automobile had been damaged in the vicinity of Castaic Lake. No sign of the youngster was found, and his disappearance remains a mystery.

Bryce Laspisa’s Disappearance: Is She Found?

Bryce’s parents have revealed that he had altered his behavior before disappearing. He became less sociable, withdrawn, and unpredictable, which led them to think he was suffering from depression. Bryce told his roommate Sean Dixon and girlfriend Kim Sly that he was using Vyvanse, a stimulant commonly used to treat ADHD, which he wasn’t; it’s known that the drug has several unpleasant side effects, including sadness and mania.

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Bryce Laspisa Story Explained

Bryce had also become hooked on alcohol and would get extremely inebriated every weekend. Three days before his disappearance, Bryce broke up with his girlfriend using text messaging, claiming that she was better off without him, while he also sent a text message to his roommate Sean expressing the following sentiments: ‘I love you bro. You’re the greatest guy I’ve ever met. You saved my soul.’ Bryce then handed over his Xbox console to Sean, as well as some very expensive diamond earrings that he owned.

On 28 August, when Kim was driving to work, she saw Bryce’s parents’ home and stopped. She called him later that day and disclosed her breakup with him before he arrived; Kim was clearly worried about Bryce, as a result of which she took the keys to his Toyota Highlander. Karen phoned her son and revealed the quarrel she had with Kim, after which Karen persuaded Kim to return Bryce his keys so that he could go home to sleep; however Karen also suggested coming in order to spend some time with him. He declined.

Around 4 p.m., Michael and Karen called the cops, who investigated the road for Bryce and discovered him only a few miles from where he was when Christian had found him; one of the two police officials who spoke with Bryce stated that he was nice and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

On 30 August, at 2 a.m., Bryce contacted his mother and was the last time anybody heard from him. There are many hypotheses as to what has become of Bryce, but only two stand out: some claim that he committed suicide, while others believe he fled and established a new life under a different identity.
Age, height and net worth

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since before his 19th birthday, when he was caught stealing. He has short ginger hair and brown eyes, and stands at 6 feet tall (1.85 meters). Bryce didn’t have his own money when he vanished.

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