Bryce Hall and Fouseytube Punch Controversy

Bryce Hall and Fousey were asked to leave the show Reality House, according to YouTuber Bryce Hall and Fousey. The controversy that prompted their expulsion has divided viewers on Twitter. Bryce Hall has been in the news a lot lately. Whether it’s for his mullet that caught Corina Kopf’s attention or rumors about him hooking up with Selena Gomez, he has been making the headlines.

However, his sudden exit from the reality show was least expected.

What Happened Between Bryce Hall And Fousey?

Following an altercation, Bryce and Fousey were asked to leave the reality series for “security reasons,” according to Dexerto. Meanwhile, a clip from the program has been circulating on the internet, in which Bryce confronts Fousey and claims that he “placed hands” on a lady.

However, Fousey tries to explain to Bryce his side of the story by saying, “You can’t say I laid hands on a woman, Bryce, I don’t do that.”

As things heat up between the two, Bryce knocks Fousey out with what looked like a hard punch to the face.

Fans Debate Over Reality House Eliminations

They claim that, despite his poor performance, Bryce didn’t deserve to be eliminated. They feel he was only “standing up” for his fellow contestants.

One tweeted, “Not a huge fan of Bryce Hall but I wanted him to stay. Kinda wish Kian and JC stepped in and kicked Fousey out when he did that to Mariah, and none of this would have happened. lol but still, so glad he stepped in and defended her”

Another said, “I don’t like Bryce hall but when he knocked Rousey out he gained a pinch of respect”

Adding to the above tweets, another fan said, “The more I think about it…the more upset I get! Fousey had every reason to get kicked off….but not Bryce…AH”

A Look At The Reality Show

The latest episode of the Kian and JC web series features ten recognizable YouTubers from the TikTok and YouTube communities. Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Louie Castro, Em Bodoe, lavaxgrl, Camilla Coleman Brooks, Peter Vigilante, Kane Trujillo, Yousef Erakat and Taylor Blake are among the contestants.

Reality House is off to a strong start with three episodes already out. However, we’ll have to wait and see how Bryce’s departure will affect the series.

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