Who Is Brianna Arrington: What We Know

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Brianna Arrington was discovered covered in blood and barely breathing in the front seat of a silver Mercedes on April 24, 2020, hours after ten members of the Outlaw Bloods street gang attempted to murder her. The attackers abducted the newborn and carried him five miles before dumping him in the road, leaving her on her own to confront them. He was discovered during a garbage collector’s round during a rainstorm.

The 20-year-old single mother described her traumatic experience at a preliminary hearing in December 2020. She took off her prosthetic eye to show the court that she had suffered an actual injury at the time. Arrington explained that she was working as many as two jobs – one at a BP gas station and another at Tidewater Community College – to support herself and her kid, but that she couldn’t yet afford a home to live in due to financial constraints. Who Is Brianna Arrington: What We Know.

Brianna Arrington: What We Know

Brianna Arrington had met 18-year-old Skylar “Thump” Webb through her boyfriend six months prior to the tragedy. Webb was a member of the Outlaw Bloods gang who subsequently introduced her to others. Arrington stated that she did not initially believe they were part of a gang. Beyond that, they provided her with a place to live, allowing her to stay with her son at one of the gang’s two strongholds: an apartment in the vast Arlay Point complex known as ‘Glen Myrtle.’

“I wanted to join a family. Many of us didn’t have anywhere to go, and I felt they were only thinking about each other as a family. That was all I wished to be part of. They allowed me to stay at their house. I had no place to live. My son and I were homeless, so that’s where I went since I thought they were nice people,” Arrington testified before the court.

The mother quickly discovered they were not good people. They were a part of the Eastside Rollin’ 20s Outlaw Bloods, which was founded decades ago in South Los Angeles as the original birth of the Bloods. The county prosecutor said that by 2020, the local affiliate of Norfolk was not well-known, but they had already determined a local boss dubbed Brandon “Sayso” Winnegan, who reported directly to Bloods leadership in Los Angeles.

“This is not some grassroots homegrown crew calling themselves a gang. This is a formal organized criminal street gang acting for the benefit of the organization and actively recruiting and committing criminal acts,” he continued.

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Is Brianna Arrington A Victim?

Brianna Arrington was asked to join the gang in mid-April, which she declined, according to reports. “I said I wanted to be a part of a family,” she recalled. But despite her resistance, she had no choice but to join and was beaten by the gang members for over 20 minutes during her initiation ceremony.

According to Arrington, everything was difficult for her, she was unable to learn secret handshakes and Bloods history and traditions, and as a result she was severely disciplined. “I told him I wasn’t that type of person,’” Arrington recalled during the hearing. “How am I supposed to do all of this? It wasn’t me, and I’m not comfortable with it.’” She added, “I was never meant to handle this.” Winnegan pummeled her in the face at that point. According to witnesses, Smith-Moore and Toparshia Hodges said she would be murdered as she knew too much about them.

The victim was then led downstairs to her vehicle by the suspects, who placed her in the driver’s seat with her child on her lap. She couldn’t get out because she didn’t have a key. She honked but received no assistance. “I can’t remember anything else after that,” Arrington said during his testimony.

She was then taken to another location, where she was stabbed numerous times in the head and back. The suspects are also said to have fired her in her right eye, but the bullet missed her brain and exited through her ear. Police received a 911 call from a woman inside a Mercedes nearly seven hours after they discovered Alex’s body.

“I assumed she was dead,” the officer who arrived on the scene said. I didn’t expect her to respond,” he added. Arrington suffered one damaged eye and is unable to hear out of her right ear as a result of the assault. She revealed that she took 28 pills every day to deal with the trauma incurred by the attack. “I used to wake up screaming and hollering and crying a lot, and fighting in my sleep,” she continued.

According to reports, the ten alleged members of the Outlaw Bloods were arrested two months after the assault in June 2020. Brendon Winnegan, Deondre Watkins, Javonne Hodges, Toparshia Hodges, Asja Smith-Moore, Sadia Brown, Ginger McAfee, Skylar Webb and Tavarrius Mitchell are among them. They’ve been indicted on a number of counts, including malicious wounding; using a gun in the commission of a felony; abduction; mob assault; conspiracy to commit crime; grand larceny; gang hazing, and gang participation.

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