Alpo Martinez Drug Boss Killed in Harlem: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Alberto Alpo Martinez is a well-known drug dealer who, in his 80s, was selling this drug in New York. He has been refused now and was shot dead later. In his vehicle, he lost his life. Yes, while he was in his car, someone fired at him at the same period. Because of the high level of security, it is impossible for a single person to break in and steal. Even if you managed to avoid attention, there may be no way out.

If he slips through your fingers, all his efforts and time will have been wasted. The incident is destined to become a historical phenomenon which would generate headlines in every media network across the country. He was shot and killed on a Sunday afternoon in Harlem three decades ago. This unexpected death was a somber memory for many individuals. Alberto Alpo Drug Boss Killed in Harlem: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth.

Who was Alpo Martinez?

Alberto Alpo Martinez was born in 1966, and he murdered when he was 55 years old. He was a native of Harlem, and the people of Harlem were shocked by his death. He was born in Puerto Rico. He used to deal drugs and had a reputation for being a big player in the crime world.

Alpo Martinez Wife, Children

Alpo Martinez had two children by a previous marriage and was wed again (at least according to paparazzi). His kid is named Paparazzi Po. Law enforcement has been looking for him constantly, and we may conclude that he was one of the most wanted drug dealers in the United States.

Alpo Martinez Height & Weight

How tall is Alpo Martinez? He stands about 6 feet and 3 inches tall. While he weighs 70 Kg. Moreover, talking about the overall body measurement, the number has not been revealed yet. The color of his eyes is black, and he has black-colored hair.

Alpo Martinez Drug Boss Killed in Harlem

On the evening of April 15th, 1994, police officers responded to a call at an apartment complex in the area. As they would learn from neighbors, one black male was shot twice by two white males and died soon after reaching the hospital. He resided in New York City when he was murdered near West 147th Street near Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

A film called Paid IN Full was released in 2002, and it’s about a drug dealer’s life. The audience loved this movie because of its engaging plot. The picture earned $3 million at the box office despite being based on a true-life story of a gangster.

On October 31st, he was denied in Harlem. He had done a lot for the people of Harlen and they missed him. He also worked with a number of community groups and did well for many individuals. He spent 35 years in prison, which helped protect him from other gangsters seeking to harm him. But on October 31st, nearly three decades ago, he was murdered while driving in his car.

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