TikTok’s ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ trend and song explained

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What is the meaning of the song, “Breaking My Heart Girl,” and why is it so popular among TikTok users? What is the most popular song on YouTube? It’s got a new challenge attached to it, which is why people are obsessed with it. The site has become noted for trends involving cover songs of previous hits.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest social media craze.

What Is TikTok’s ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ Trend?

In recent days, the ‘Breaking My Heart Girl’ videos have been popular on TikTok, accumulating a large number of likes and views on the site. The trend is for TikTokers to lip-sync to the line “Breaking My Heart Girl” to express their sadness or dissatisfaction following a heartbreak or a disappointment with something that has occurred.


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As a result, the pandemic has impacted everyone differently, and even those who have never been sick in their life are affected by it. Most patients that recover describe the experience as something they would want to forget.

Some people mentioned that a friend or spouse had let them down; others likened it to the previous year, which was largely dominated by the epidemic.

However, some people have embraced the light side of the trend and made fun of their own experiences.

What Is The Song?

Breaking My Heart is the TikTok cover name of a user named Jodeci and is an adaptation of Mint Condition’s Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes). However, the song is by Minneapolis R&B group Mint Condition and is called Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

The song was originally recorded in 1991, and you can listen to it below. In June 2009, the music video was posted on YouTube.

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Twitter Reacts To The Trend

On Twitter, many people have discussed their feelings about the TikTok challenge.


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